Clinton Kelly’s Tips on Wearing the Right Clothes!

In my post Why You Should Always Look Your Best I gave tips on how to dress for the occasion and respect the person who invited you.  Now I would like to add some great tips from Clinton Kelly, stylist from “What Not To Wear” on wearing the RIGHT CLOTHES.

Style guru Clinton Kelly gives fashion do's and don'ts for the business world.

1-on-1: Clinton Kelly


Clinton Kelly..’“Style is an important tool in conveying your message to the rest of the world. We tell the rest of the world how to perceive us by the things we say, the things we do and by what we put on our backs. Hopefully you say and do the right things. But you should also wear the right clothes. What you wear really impacts your message, and you need to control the message you’re sending other people.”


To read the whole interview, you can click “1-on-1 With Clinton Kelly” from Success Magazine!


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