Tips For Being Fabulous at Work!

If you are job hunting, and getting ready for interviews, you will have read and memorized my “Tips for Success in Your Job Interview” and are practicing your presentation.  There’s more!

What is it that your potential new employer is looking for in their Fabulous New Employee??

” Employers are searching for positive, enthusiastic people who show up for work on time, who are dressed and prepared properly, who go out of their way to add value and do more than what’s required of them, who are honest, who will play by the rules, and who will give cheerful, friendly service regardless of the situation.”

Read more here:  “Reviving Work Ethic in America,” from Forbes Magazine. [Read more…]

Why You Should Always Look Your Best!

We’ve all heard it said that you should always look your best. Why is that? I can think of a number of reasons!

~ You never know who you will meet ~
~ An unexpected opportunity could present itself ~
~ You feel more confident when you are nicely dressed and groomed ~

~ Others will respond to you more positively when you look your best ~

You+Pics: Calder & Cocktails Garden Party @ The Nasher by YouPlusDallas

The list could go on and on – I’m sure you could add a few of your own reasons, too, and these just have to do with everyday living.

What about when you have a special occasion to attend? Here are my three very important tips to remember: [Read more…]

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