Add a Bit of Protein Throughout the Day!

Keeping ourselves from feeling hungry, having energy and sharp thinking throughout the day is so important to our health and personal success. Keeping fit while losing weight is also important to our overall appearance, especially as we age. That’s why I agree with these  latest research findings on increased protein intake.

Science Daily shares a study in an article titled “Eating Protein Throughout the Day Preserves Muscle and Physical Function in Dieting Postmenopausal Women” published by the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.

“The study shows that higher protein intake during weight loss can offset negative effects on muscle mass by maintaining more muscle [Read more…]

Tips for Increasing Your Metabolism!

Want to rev up your metabolism? Add 5 – 10 years to your life? Increase your metabolic rate and look fabulous?

Looking fabulous starts from within – the health of our body on the inside shows on the outside. The two most important reflections of our internal health are how our skin looks and our weight.  Eating healthy, and making good choices to feed our body the right food “fuel” that keep our cells healthy and energized will give us fabulous, glowing skin!

Dr. Marc Siegal and Dr. David Samadi, the medical experts on Fox News Sunday House Calls, shared their excellent tips for improving your health and increasing your metabolism. I want to share my notes from their appearance with you:

[Read more…]

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