Tips for Success in Your Job Interview

If you know someone who is interviewing for a new job, they’re going to need more than luck to be offered a good position with the competitive job market today. I’ve been in a “few” interviews throughout my life, and learned much from each one.

For the past few years, I’ve mentored graduating college students on the interviewing process.  We conduct mock interviews during class, and have them come dressed as they would for an interview. The students get to critique each other, and learn so much from their experience to take with them into their real life interviews. My goal is to set them up for success! Here are a few of my tips to make sure you look pulled together and present yourself to a potential new employer in the best way possible.

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Skin Perfecting Veil: Sheer Mineral Coverage Without Foundation

Scientists are now beginning to understand the reasons that young skin has a distinct “glow from within” character that fades with age. Skin is a complex organ consisting of multiple layers and pigments that affect the way light is absorbed, reflected and scattered.

Ultimately, the amount and color of light reflected by skin determines how skin looks to the human eye. Skin that is uneven in tone and texture reflects light irregularly, creating areas of contrast that draw attention to fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation.

Age Related Changes in Skin Structure

Skin Pigments ~ In young skin, the light absorbing pigment, melanin, is diffuse and evenly distributed with age. Environmental damage causes melanin to build up and become unevenly distributed, resulting in age spots and areas of hyperpigmentation. [Read more…]

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