Online Shopping Tip

The other day, when I was in Costco for an eye exam, I had the most lovely experience! The waiting room was filled to overflowing, the wait long, but my optometrist had Andrea Bocelli playing which was very smart of her. Then I started to chat with a woman who was getting anxious with the long wait, as she needed to be home for her new dishwasher delivery. Which was the beginning of our conversation.

Chatting in the Waiting Room

What woman does not get excited for a new dishwasher? Turns out she has three sons, one majoring in electronic dance motion, one wanting to be a professional drummer, and one hoping to be admitted to Juliard. She has her plate full. We had such a lovely and very funny conversation, with Andrea in the background, that when she was called I was very sad to see her go! [Read more…]

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