Tips for the Manly Man’s Healthy Skin!

Do men care about their looks more than their skin? Do they think they look young and virile, completely missing the wrinkles around their eyes and mouth from years of sports, sun damage and fun-filled nights?

Man doing bodybuilding at gym by NPE Demo SiteThat’s what I came away with after spending a full day in a gym, talking to quite a few men, most of who were in their late forties to early fifties. What was the most astonishing to me, was that they did not think they had any fine lines or wrinkles at all, and what’s more, definitely didn’t want to try anything to combat the signs of aging showing all over their manly faces.

They were very worried about puffiness under eyes, and feeling their facial skin was developing areas of dryness that nothing seemed to help. It was  clear to me that they are extremely concerned about their appearance, and maintaining their youthful physique by keeping their muscles buffed.  Their skin was only important if there was a skin issue that was bothersome or it was pointed out to them that they were beginning to show signs of aging. One even said to me “I don’t have any wrinkles” while looking me in the eye – he had a zillion around his eyes and lips and was definitely not a sunscreen user! [Read more…]

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