Tips for Good Makeup Hygiene

An important part of Skin Care is maintaining Good Makeup Hygiene. By keeping your makeup brushes clean and fresh, changing your makeup sponges frequently, and disposing of outdated cosmetics, you will  help your skin be protected from bacterial brushes


Once every week or two….

Take a cup, add an inch of warm water and mix in a mild cleanser – can be your shampoo or body cleanse. Place your makeup brush in (do one at a time) and swirl it around. If the water becomes very “dirty”, rinse and repeat until the water is almost clean after swirling the brush. Rinse the brush and either set over the lip of a counter, or place across the top of a cup, to air dry, side ways. (If you set them upright with brush up, the water can get into the wooden handle under the metal attachment and rot.)  Leave to dry for a few hours, and then you are ready to go again!


Once every week or two….

When your sponge starts to fill with makeup, it’s time to change it out for a new one. You don’t want to be swiping old makeup and oil from your skin on your beautifully clean face!


Every three to six months…..

As you are dipping your makeup brushes into your eye shadow or blush, then applying to your skin repeatedly, bacteria and oil from your skin is being introduced into your makeup palette. Over time, it can become quite “germy”! The way to keep your makeup clean is to cleanse your brushes often and then every three to six months, change out your makeup for a new palette. Mascara should be changed as well.

Your skin’s natural protective barrier can only do so much if you don’t keep what you are putting on it all day as clean as you can. Now go take a look at your sponges, then do some brush cleaning today!

#TIP: I wash my makeup brushes in Celloxylin Hydroburst Moisture Intense Body Cleanse by Apriori Beauty!

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