4 Tips to Protect Your Lips from Being Chapped

pink lipsThere’s a variety of reasons our lips get chapped, causing them sting, burn, chafe and hurt. Here are a few tips for prevention and protection, to keep our lips looking and feeling beautiful at all times!

Lip facts:

The surface layer of skin on our lips is a little thinner than the rest of our face.

The skin on our lips does not contain sebaceous glands, which produce natural oil.

So, when our lips are exposed to windy weather, and as we lick them and they dry repeatedly, they are going to get chapped very quickly.

How to protect your lips:

  1. Exfoliate twice a week. Using a natural oil and sugar scrub helps to move along the old skin cells that build up. This will allow living cells to be prominent and all set to absorb the nutrients and moisture from your Lip Cream.
  2. Use a nutrient rich Lip Cream several times a day, that nourishes your lips, and keeps the tissue healthy.
  3. Your toothpaste and Lip Color should be free from non-toxic or irritating ingredients.
  4. Apply your Lip Cream before your go to sleep at night.

Now you can smile often with those “purty” lips!

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Smile Without Showing Your Age!

smileShow your emotions, not your age!

People often ask me, “Do I really need a unique moisturizer for my eye and lip areas?” This is a great question — though your skin will definitely benefit from applying a full-face moisturizer to the eye and lip areas, the fact is that these areas are very unique compared to the rest of your skin. Not only are eye and lip areas subject to stress from repetitive movements like smiling and squinting, they are also thinner, more delicate, and produce less natural oil than the skin on rest of your face. All of this results in skin that will show signs and symptoms of aging. It also means that skin around the eyes and lips needs more nourishment and hydration to remain healthy and young looking. [Read more…]

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