Probiotics = Less Sad Thoughts?

Probiotics = Less Sad Thoughts. How does that work?

Struggle with the “the cup is half empty” voices in your head? Tend to focus on unpleasant thoughts or feelings continually looking at the negative side of life? Besides snapping a rubber band on your wrist for each negative thought, there’s an easier way to set the foundation for more optimistic thoughts and conversations going on throughout your day. [Read more…]

The Importance of Knowing Your Skin’s pH!

Balanced pH, soothing pH, adjusted pH, and just about all manner of pH is advertised on our daily care products! Does the average shopper know what their skin pH should be and how their daily skin care products changes their pH? “So what”, you say?  this Sicilian Lemon is going to become Limoncello by Martjusha

A while ago, I purchased a pH pencil ~ when you “write” with it on your skin, you can see what the pH, or acidity level is. When I used it, I found that my bar soap was pH ten. When my husband saw this, he took it and started using his soap, shampoo and lotions, testing each of them. Nine, ten, eleven and counting! Most in the nine to ten range. What do those numbers mean? What is acidic or alkaline and what does it matter what the pH is of our skin?fresh whipped cream by Rachelle @ Mommy? I'm Hungry!

pH is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of a particular substance, in this case your skin. The pH scale goes from 1.0 to 14.0, with the lower numbers being acidic, and the higher numbers alkaline.

The normal, Correct pH of your skin should be right around 5.0 – 5.5.  This is important because one of the functions of our skin is to create a protective barrier to germs! It has what scientists call “immune properties”, meaning that when we come in contact with germs all day long, our skin protects us on the surface from getting infections from them.

The important point to know is that when your skin is out of its normal pH range, your skin’s immune defense can’t work as effectively, taking hours to return to its correct pH – just in time to take another shower!

“The epithelial surfaces form a physical barrier that is very impermeable to most infectious agents. Thus, the skin acts as our first line of defense against invading organisms. The desquamation of skin epithelium also helps remove bacteria and other infectious agents that have adhered to the epithelial surfaces.

Fatty acids in sweat inhibit the growth of bacteria. The low pH of sweat …prevents growth of bacteria.

The normal flora of the skin … can prevent the colonization of pathogenic bacteria by secreting toxic substances or by competing with pathogenic bacteria for nutrients or attachment to cell surfaces.”

What all of  this means is that our skin is like a protective shield against germs, and when we shed dead skin cells, germs go with them. Our own sweat deters the growth of bacteria, and at the correct pH, certain germs can live normally on our skin without causing infections, actually creating substances that kill other potentially very harmful germs when they come along!

The Key:  All of this protection is optimum at the correct pH of your skin. When you shop for skin care products, do you purchase those that are advertised as having a balanced pH? That would mean in the seven to eight range,  more alkaline than your skin should be to do a great job protecting you!!

Do you know the pH of the products you are using? Gorgeous! by JRIDLEY1

Are you taking care of your skin so it can take care of you?

I know I am, because I use Apriori Beauty products, which are pH CORRECT!!

Thanks for stopping by and “Making My Life Beautiful”!

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