There are so many, many ways to give. It’s what makes life meaningful. It’s what brings great joy to the giver, and delight…or great the receiver.

You can give a little, or you can give a lot. You can give of your time, your talents, your self, your “things” or your money.

Whether giving individually or giving together, giving benefits everyone. It’s also the best way to prevent and overcome depression, taking your thoughts off of yourself or your problems, thinking of and helping someone else. Today, I had the most meaningful day of giving to support children’s health, and I was blessed to do so with my beautiful daughter.CHOC Walk 3 [Read more…]

If You Want to Be Happy, Give It Away!

Be HappyFeeling down? Thinking a lot about your own problems? Take some time each day to give something away and you will be a LOT Happier! That’s what recent research says according to Marla Jo Fisher, author of “Helping others will make you happy”, in the OC Register.

A 2007 study published by Science magazine found that people felt happier when they gave money to others than when they spent it on themselves. Researchers at Harvard University gave participants money and told half the subjects to spend it on themselves, the other half were to give it away to others. The people who gave their money away felt happier than those who bought something for themselves.

I love that giving it away caused them to feel HAPPIER!! As in they feel “more” happy than if they received something themselves. Amazing! [Read more…]

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