New for Nails!

How your nails look can be very important to your business success. If you work with people, they will at some point notice your nails. Some companies have policies regarding length of nails, types of acceptable “toppings” and such, if they strive to present a specific corporate image.

In my daily work, I do meet with customers/guests and coworkers all day. I don’t want to draw attention to my hands, and yet want to put forth an elegant hand with manicured nails, and neutral polish. I’ve had acrylics (so 90’s!) and, more recently, shellacs. I have very dry nail tips that often split and peel. The Shellacs were lovely, yet I found they began to chip by the end of the first week!

For the time spent getting the shellacs applied and requiring a return visit to have them professionally removed, they weren’t meeting my need of a longer lasting polished look for the extra $$ and time. So, while at my local Target, I browsed the nail polish aisle and saw that Sally Hansen had released a new line of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes. [Read more…]

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