How to Tweak, Update or Overhaul Your Personal Image

It just happens. Your life is busy, time flies by, and the next thing you know you are ambushed by Stacy and Clinton from “What Not to Wear”! Well, almost.

This is when you realize your skin is starting to sag,  gray hairs are springing up, you can’t find your makeup colors at the store because they’re no longer being made, your pants all have elastic waistbands, and your kids cringe when you get out of the car in public. Is this you? This was me. My daughter did send in a request for Stacy and Clinton to work their magic on me. Twice. I don’t need to say anymore!

I kind of lost myself in everyone else’s lives and let my own go.  As time went on, and the kids became more independent, I could see my light at the end of the “mommy” tunnel. I took on a new job, and started a new business. Being back in the “real world” caused me to take stock of my public image, and realize that I needed to make changes in order to be someone people were proud to be around, happy to be seen in public with, and someone my family and colleagues could look up to.

Here are my tips from my tweaks, updates and overhaul over the past couple of years: [Read more…]

Clinton Kelly’s Tips on Wearing the Right Clothes!

In my post Why You Should Always Look Your Best I gave tips on how to dress for the occasion and respect the person who invited you.  Now I would like to add some great tips from Clinton Kelly, stylist from “What Not To Wear” on wearing the RIGHT CLOTHES.

Style guru Clinton Kelly gives fashion do's and don'ts for the business world.

1-on-1: Clinton Kelly


Clinton Kelly..’“Style is an important tool in conveying your message to the rest of the world. We tell the rest of the world how to perceive us by the things we say, the things we do and by what we put on our backs. Hopefully you say and do the right things. But you should also wear the right clothes. What you wear really impacts your message, and you need to control the message you’re sending other people.”


To read the whole interview, you can click “1-on-1 With Clinton Kelly” from Success Magazine!


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