New Product Alert! 3-Clays Detox Masque

Celloxylin Pure Detox Clay Masque

Oh how I do LOVE a good clay masque – and this one is EXCELLENT!

Introducing…. Celloxylin Pure Detox Masque

  • It is a skin treatment product
  • Detoxifies and protects the skin
  • Clay based with finely ground pumice for additional mechanical exfoliation

The 3 different clays + active ingredients in the masque help to draw out impurities and absorb excess oil, dirt and toxins from the skin.

Believe me, it does draw out some nasty stuff – each time I’ve used it, I’ve developed a deep cystic pimple or two, each time on my chin, one side then the other. [Read more…]

Can You Protect Skin Cells from Skin Cancer?

Milk ThistleHealthy skin plays a major role in looking fabulous, with photoaging caused by sun damage along with skin cancer prevention being keys to skin health. Recent research on a long used herbal remedy has revealed exciting results in the lab.

A pair of University of Colorado Cancer Center studies published this month show that the milk thistle extract, silibinin, kills skin cells mutated by UVA radiation and protects against damage by UVB radiation — thus protecting against UV-induced skin cancer and photo-aging.

These are interesting results finding silibinin to get rid of already damaged cells, and prevent further damage. Hmmm….you have my attention! [Read more…]

4 Tips for Vibrant Skin with Changing Seasons

If your skin could talk, what would it say to you? “Help me, I’m drying out!” or “I can’t breathe with so many old skin cells piling up all over me!” or “I’m red, itching and burning up! Put out the fire!” or even “I’m feeling old, sluggish and oh, so droopy! I need a quick Pick-Me-Up!

bundled upAs we go from season to season, our skin’s protective function needs to adjust. We go from cold temperatures with the  icy winds of winter and dry heaters blasting in your car and home, to the milder temperatures of spring, a rain shower here and there, and the sun showing its smiling face more often with a little greater intensity. [Read more…]

Caffeine in Skin Care Lowers Risk of Skin Cancer

A couple of years ago, skin cancer research showed the possibility that caffeine applied directly to the skin reduced the amount of a particular protein that caused UV damaged skin cells to turn cancerous. In Caffeine in Skin Care May Protect from Skin Cancer, I share the findings of these past studiesNow there is new evidence that is showing stronger evidence of the anticancer effects of topically applied caffeine.

According to the National Cancer Institute, sunlight-induced skin cancer is the most prevalent cancer in the United States with more than 1 million new cases each year.

With skin cancer becoming increasingly prevalent, especially in the younger age groups, the findings of topically applied caffeine showing evidence of decreasing the development of skin cancers is very important. [Read more…]

Tips for Increasing Your Metabolism!

Want to rev up your metabolism? Add 5 – 10 years to your life? Increase your metabolic rate and look fabulous?

Looking fabulous starts from within – the health of our body on the inside shows on the outside. The two most important reflections of our internal health are how our skin looks and our weight.  Eating healthy, and making good choices to feed our body the right food “fuel” that keep our cells healthy and energized will give us fabulous, glowing skin!

Dr. Marc Siegal and Dr. David Samadi, the medical experts on Fox News Sunday House Calls, shared their excellent tips for improving your health and increasing your metabolism. I want to share my notes from their appearance with you:

[Read more…]

The Future of Skin Care!



Now that we know the four ways that our skin and body ages, the next question is “What can we do to prevent Oxidative Stress, Hormonal Fluctuations, Lack of Mitochondrial Energy, and help along our Longevity Genes?”

From the birth of a cell, to the end of its life, Lifeoxylin and Celloxylin together create and sustain the Nutrient Reservoir™ – a patent-pending blend of ingredients that nourishes, protects, prolongs cell life and defies aging.  Add to that performance ingredients that help reduce the visible signs of aging and you’ve got a systemic, “whole body” approach to anti-aging – the cellular age advantage! [Read more…]

Caffeine in Skin Care May Protect From Skin Cancer?

smoking hot cup of coffee by KrisThePhotographerCaffeine…… in your skin care? For all you coffee drinkers, does it get any better than this?  Well, it very well could be helpful, according to several studies with some interesting results.

Dr. Paul Ngheim, Associate Professor of Dermatology at University of Washington, Seattle, has reported findings from applying caffeine directly to the skin of mice exposed to ultraviolet radiation.  He found that a protein, ATR-Chk1, is necessary for UV damaged skin cells to grow quickly into cancerous cells. When caffeine was applied, the protein was interrupted causing only the damaged skin cells to die, and at a very rapid rate.  There was a 72% rate of nonmelonoma skin cancer suppression in the mice, stopping the cancerous cells in their tracks.Skin cancer cells, SEM  by Sandeep2208

Dr. Robin Ashinoff, Assoicate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at New York University’s Langone Medical Center, is not ready to agree wholeheartedly.  She says that “this study tells me that caffeine may be a useful ingredient topically to remove ultraviolet-genetically damaged cells from reproducing….(and) may help prevent the development of skin cancer.”

Dr. Albert Lefkovits, Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York City, doesn’t think caffeine has any effect on skin cancer. He feels there is much more studying to be done, and rightfully so. Mice with skin cancer are not the same as you or I.  He also questions what the correct amount of caffeine to drink is.  Search out other related research and decide for yourself.

This is what I am going to do – keep drinking my two cups of coffee each morning, and use Apriori Beauty’s Celloxylin Skin Care which does have caffeine in almost every product!! (I think our Cosmetic Chemists are on to something!) This way, I am totally covered from the inside out, and I don’t think some extra caffeine will do me any harm, do you?

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