Best. Shoes. Ever.

I’ve started a new position that requires a bit of walking back and forth between and through buildings, upstairs, downstairs, and then standing, standing, followed by walking some more. Counting  10+ pairs of shoes I’ve purchased in the past 3 months, that look good with my business attire, easy on my wallet and in the largest size I could find in women’s shoes. Ahem. That would be an 11.

Here I am, a few months later, calluses forming, tender red bumps apparent on the widest points of each foot, and knots within my arches. I’m placing band-aids over the calluses, and longing for a pair of sneakers that look like elegant black heels. Unable to ignore my feet any longer, I went to a store known for their shoes and had my feet measured.

Point #1 for finding comfortable shoes – have your feet measured by a Shoe Fitting Specialist.

Now I am looking for Size 11.5 shoes. [Read more…]

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