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Dressing primarily for comfort to do a lot of writing, and grading student assignments online, I truly am working out of a home office quite a bit. I also have a house cleaning routine with chores scheduled for almost every day of the week, providing another excuse for going casual as much as possible.

When I’m out in public, teaching class, meeting clients and consultants with my Apriori Beauty business, or just running errands, I do like to dress up in business casual.  My dressy jeans with a pretty top, some sweet sandals and my pearls create a look that is comfortable for me and show that I put some thought and care into my appearance before I left the house!

I find that I choose clothes that are of a casual style for everyday, and lean toward romantic to classic when I am dressing up.  My middle name is now “casual basics”, with a little “professional basics” tossed in there for teaching on campus or making a hospital visit. 

Going dressy on occasion, I really do enjoy looking pretty and feeling very glamorous! I wear dressy slacks with a ruffly top and a little sparkle….and heels! Let’s see, that would take me over six feet tall – one giant pear!

How should I dress my very tall pear shape,and what can I do to create a more polished look for whatever I am doing and wherever I go?Pear Parade by espion

What not to do first! The pear shape is the most common body shape women have, and is a very unbalanced shape. My upper body and lower body are out of proportion, and I must make selections that create the illusion of proportion and balance. No more snug tops, belted dresses or jackets, or cinched waists that make my lower half appear larger than life. Pants with pleats are not good, adding visual weight; pockets add bulk, and drawstring pants add fabric. No tapered legs which will create a “scoop of ice cream on top of a sugar cone” look. No thank you!

Tops this pear can wear are any that would emphasize the width of my rounded and narrow shoulders. Here’s where I miss the shoulder pads of the seventies! I want my tops to skim my figure, either tucked in or nicely flaring over my high hip, which will create an illusion of a narrower hip.

For my lower half, I will want to select darker colors – not only black  – but greys, and navy, and other colors that are just a few shades darker than my tops.  I should wear pants with a slight flare at the hem, covering my cankles -which should never see the light of day! 

Because my best feature is my upper body,  I need to pull together ensembles that draw attention to my upper half, using the lower half as a pillar or column to rest cute tops and fun bling upon.  I need to emphasize my torso, bring attention towards my face. Necklaces, earrings, glaces, HATS, and scarves will draw the eye upward, and a cute shoe will draw it to my feet – skipping over the middle – that glop of ice cream again!

 If you have a pear shape, try some of these tips out the next time you are getting dressed to go out, and see how they work for you!

                  “Fashion is Architecture:  It is a Matter of Proportions.” ~ Coco Chanel  

Thank you for stopping by and “Making My Life Beautiful!”


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