You’ve always heard that “Laughter is the Best Medicine” and recall Norman Cousins’ miraculous remission from an autoimmune disease through “laughter therapy” in the 70’s.  Now, there is more recent scientific evidence of the physiologic changes that goes on in our bodies when we regularly experience a good round of deep-hearted laughter.

“Dr. Lee S. Berk, a Preventative Care Specialist and Psychoneuroimmunology Researcher at Loma Linda University’s Schools of Allied Health (SAHP) and Medicine , and Director of the Molecular Research Lab….and Dr. Stanley Tan, have picked up where Cousins left off.  Since the 1980’s, they… have found that laughter… enhances your mood, decreases stress hormones, enhances immune activity, lowers bad cholesterol and systolic blood pressure, and raises good cholesterol (HDL).”

There have been many, many days, where I have felt pressure building within, and have said out loud “I need a good, long laugh!” haven’t you? There is something about laughing that causes you to release all that pent up tension and emotion, producing a happy and relaxed state of relief afterward, usually ending with a big sigh. It feels just plain “good” to laugh!Happy Flyer by Vermin Inc

Dr. Berk and Dr. Jerry Petrofsky have recently completed a study at Loma Linda University looking at the effects of laughter and distress on the key hormones that regulate appetite. What they found was that those who viewed a distressing video had no significant difference in their appetite hormones during their observation time.

Those that viewed videos with humorous content, had increased good and decreased “not so good” appetite hormones, similar to the results produced from moderate physical activity.  What he takes from these results is that those who have a decreased appetite and are not able to engage in physical activity can be encouraged to use “laughter therapy” or engage in activities that produce some good, hearty laughs!

Personally, I think a key to enjoying my older years will be to never stop learning and surround myself with those who are lighthearted and enjoy a good laugh!

To read more about this study, please go to which is my source for this post.

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