Caffeine in Skin Care Lowers Risk of Skin Cancer

A couple of years ago, skin cancer research showed the possibility that caffeine applied directly to the skin reduced the amount of a particular protein that caused UV damaged skin cells to turn cancerous. In Caffeine in Skin Care May Protect from Skin Cancer, I share the findings of these past studiesNow there is new evidence that is showing stronger evidence of the anticancer effects of topically applied caffeine.

According to the National Cancer Institute, sunlight-induced skin cancer is the most prevalent cancer in the United States with more than 1 million new cases each year.

With skin cancer becoming increasingly prevalent, especially in the younger age groups, the findings of topically applied caffeine showing evidence of decreasing the development of skin cancers is very important. [Read more…]

What is the MOHS Procedure for Skin Cancer Removal?

More and more people around me are having surgery to remove suspected skin cancers. In the back of our minds, we knew it was possible, our youth spent in honing a beautiful tan with the help of our trusted baby oil. Now we pay the piper. Weird patches are forming on our faces, bumps and lumps, scales and scabs, all the while we live in fear – could it be…. I hope it’s not….skin cancer?
Girl Suntanning at Bondi by fotoFluke

What can we do? First, we ALL know how to prevent skin cancer, right?  Stay out of the sun during peak hours, wear sunscreen, reapply sunscreen, wear light clothing, hats, stay under an umbrella – you  know the drill. Do you really take all these precautions? OR, do you think, it won’t happen to me?  Are we more concerned about how to get rid of our wrinkles produced from sun damage, than preventing skin cancer? Say it isn’t so – after all we’re not dumb … or vain, right? [Read more…]

Does Your Dermatologist Use a Dermatoscope to Detect Skin Cancers?

Did you know there are new tools for dermatologists to use in detecting skin cancers?

Recent advancements in computer and laser technologies, and polarizing lights aid dermatologists in noninvasive skin examination, providing more accurate information in diagnosing skin cancers. [Read more…]

Are YOU Regularly Checking Your Skin for Skin Cancer?

You are your best look out when it comes to skin cancer detection. By following these simple guidelines, recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology, you will be able to observe any changes in your skin. By noticing changes early, you can catch and treat possible skin cancers early. [Read more…]

8 Tips to Keep Acne Away!

8/365 Yay for Pimples! by Brendan½

Acne – It happens to teenagers, young moms, and many other times throughout life. It’s frustrating to deal with and always comes at a bad time. How do you manage it? How do you keep it from spreading?

How do you make it go away?!

[Read more…]

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