Are Your Hair Care Products Free of Sulfates?

It’s really important to use skin and hair products that are as free from known toxins as possible. Our health is a gift and we need to make good choices to protect and nurture our health throughout our life. One ingredient you don’t want in your personal care products is sulfate.

Sulfate Free. We see it highlighted on shampoo bottles like it’s a big deal, but what does this really mean? Why is it important for us to use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners?  Here’s the short + sweet + simple answer.

Sulfate is an inexpensive chemical used by companies to provide cleaning power and bubbly lather in our shampoos (and some conditioners).

It cuts through grease and provides the bubbles that we love, so what’s the problem? The concern is that sulfates can cause skin irritations, worsen skin problems and can even be linked to hair loss! Sulfates are cheap and effective as a detergent, but our delicate scalp, hair, and hair follicles aren’t able to handle the harsh chemical- especially as we age.

The harsh sulfates may be causing you more harm than good.

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Castor Oil Treatment for Hair Loss?

Hair loss comes from a variety of causes and conditions. Stress, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, thyroid issues, menopause, heredity and many more conditions can lead to the loss of hair at different times of life.

I’m experiencing hair loss, not quite sure exactly why as I have a few of the above mentioned conditions. I tried several different shampoos and conditioners, asked my doctor if my health could be the reason, and asked my hair stylist what she thought. Came up with not a whole lot of help, but did find some information and testimonials about the use of castor oil mixed with other oils as a hair treatment. I’m game – what do I have to lose but more hair, right?

Castor Oil hair treatment is as easy as any hot oil treatment. Mix equal parts castor oil with a base oil such as coconut oil, or jojoba oil. Dampen hair, apply oil, wrap with a warm moist towel and let it absorb from 30 minutes to 6 hours, or something similar to this.

Here’s a link to an easy step by step guide for Castor Oil Hair Treatment from WikiHow. [Read more…]

New Easy-to-Clean Hair Brush

Do you spend the time to remove the hair and clean your hairbrush every so often, or do you toss it in the trash and purchase a new one? With 6 heads of hair to manage, I remember my mother filling a basin with an ammonia solution and soaking combs and brushes in every week when I was little. The time consuming tasks of removing the hair from the bristles and core, soaking, rinsing and drying was a mother’s labor. Usually done Saturday nights, we ate hot dogs for dinner because there wasn’t time to cook a big meal with all the hair washing and hair brush cleaning going on.

Well now we’re talking sustainability when inventors of the new easy to clean hairbrush created their new product.

Credit: Image courtesy of Scott Shim, The Ohio State University Easy Cleaning Hairbrush [Read more…]

Excellent Natural Oil Hair Treatment

Does your hair fly away when you want it to stay down, or feel dry and “crunchy” between your fingers? You may enjoy a special oil treatment for your scalp and hair which will bring back a smooth, silky texture to your hair strands and supplement the moisture in your scalp without making it greasy.

Beauty magazines and sites recommend Olive Oil, Mayonnaise, Eggs and a whole host of other food items from your kitchen to be applied and left on for a time to treat dry hair. Some advise leaving it on overnight, while sleeping with a shower cap on. Okay, I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of night I would have if I did that! The crunching of the plastic cap, the smell of the oil or eggs, a slimy feeling and potential for oozing is NOT attractive to me at all.

How we suffer to be beautiful, right? [Read more…]

Finding a New Hairstyle

My hair is hitting my shoulders, all one length now and I’m getting tired of it falling forward. Blessed with very thick hair, it is starting to bug me all day.

Thinking should I cut it short again? Ah freedom! But then there will be the curling iron to keep all the cowlicks calmed down. Should I layer the length I have now? Should I go longer? So I looked around and here are my finalists:

The Short Bob:



The Shoulder Shag:



Loose Curls at the Chin:



The Jane:



And The Jen:

Jennifer Aniston


A few details to help you decide: I’m 5’10” tall, with a very long neck and a small (“pea”) head.

Which one do you pick for me??


10 Tips for Your Healthy Scalp and Hair

While brushing my hair last night, I started thinking about our scalp, wondering how the layers of skin differ than those on our face. Thoughts of the skin care regimen I do for my face came to mind, wondering what I do to promote a healthy scalp, and how I can better care for it.

Here are two images-  our “basic” skin, and skin layers of our scalp. Surrounding the hair follicle, we can see blood vessels, sebaceous glands, muscles, and sensory nerve fibers. In the scalp image, you can see areas surrounding the hair shaft where it comes through the top layers of skin, with openings for the hair shaft to move and also, where dead skin cells might build up, blocking the sebaceous glands from excreting the natural oils produced or moving down the hair shaft.

With this in mind, you can see where we can do a few things, like we do for the rest of our skin, to help nature keep our hair and scalp healthy.

Skin-Cross-Section hair follicle-illustration

  1. Brush your hair from scalp to tips once or twice a week, gently moving your brush along the scalp to carry your natural oils down the whole hair shaft.
  2. Wash your hair and scalp with natural oil based Hair Therapy Shampoo. Use warm, not hot water, to keep your layer of natural oils from drying out.
  3. Take time to gently massage your scalp while washing.
  4. Use a sugar scrub to lightly exfoliate the scalp of the old skin cells.
  5. Make sure you rinse the shampoo and scrub thoroughly from your scalp and hair.
  6. Apply a Hair Therapy Conditioner, with ingredients that nourish and protect the skin on your scalp and the hair shaft.
  7. IF your hair is very dry, you may want to apply a Hair Treatment Oil while your hair is still damp.
  8. Use your blow dryer on warm, rather than hot, temperature, and hold the dryer 8 – 12 inches from your hair while drying.
  9. If you use a curling or flat iron, try to use the lowest temperature that gives you results, and run the iron through quickly.
  10. Use Gels and Sprays liberally, and only on the hair shafts so as to keep the follicle open.

How does your hair look and feel now? I think with the brushing and exfoliation, your natural oils will do their job better, and the natural ingredients from your shampoo and conditioner will help your hair stay healthy and look fabulous all year long!

Don’t forget a hair trim every 6 weeks or so to keep your ends healthy.

Scalp Treatment, Hair Therapy Product Review

My hair could use some help. I’ve been coloring it for the past few years after the grey showed up, which has left it dry and lusterless no matter what hair products I’ve used. The ones that have added moisture, tended to leave my hair greasy. So I was very excited to try out this new line of hair therapy shampoo, conditioner and conditioning oil.

I’m a hard sell for any product, and this is a review after using these products for the past month. I wanted to make sure the results I experienced lasted, and would be something I would highly recommend, before sharing with you. And I do, highly recommend…


ViVID Hair Therapy


Over time, hair can become dry, dull and damaged from styling, coloring, and the environment. Even some shampoos can strip hair of essential, natural oils that nourish, protect and enhance shine. And, if your hair care neglects the scalp, your regimen is incomplete. Beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp. Scalp skincare is vital for vibrant hair.

So, don’t let your hair down! Care for your hair with a daily regimen that is vigorous, full of life – ViViD!

Revitalize hair with ViViD Hair Therapy — therapeutic formulations infused with science and nature to nourish and protect hair and scalp with a simple, 3-step, daily regimen. Cleanse and condition with gentle, nourishing ingredients that also moisturize and soften. Strengthen with ingredients that protect color, detangle, filter UV rays, and build volume. And, enhance overall radiance with Synergistic Shine™ — ingredients that work synergistically between each formulation to build shine and strength.

My Review:
The color is perfect – a creamy, pearly white, light and creamy.
The scent is so lovely, not a fragrance or parfum, very light, like when you catch a hint of a flower ready to blossom, barely there.

(Personal side note: I am very sensitive to fragrance, allergic to some essential oils. When I smell them, they stay in my nose all day, headache, even makes me nauseated – eucalyptus oil is the worst for me. The scent of ViViD came and left – light and beautiful, no after smell, or hanging on).

Shampoo: I used half of the amount I usually use with my health food store shampoo, it lathered very nicely, great spreadability and foamy bubbles. I massaged it around with my fingertips, making sure it penetrated to my scalp. It rinsed out easily, all the way to my scalp and very quickly, my hair felt very clean and maintained a hydrated fuller body than usual (Personal side note: I color my hair every 4-6 weeks, which leaves it dry and less body no matter what shampoo or conditioner I use). Amazingly no hair was lost! Not even one! Already felt clean, healthy, silky and smoothe.

Conditioner: again used only have as much as usual, beautiful scent, easily spread through my hair to my scalp, then like magic, every hair started to flow smoothly all together. My fingers ran through so easily from scalp to ends, without one tangle! My hair felt full bodied, the conditioner rinsed out quickly and easily, leaving it feeling smooth, relaxed, hydrated and plump. After towel drying, my long lost natural waves and loose curls showed up! My hair felt so fresh and light, moved freely and looked so vibrant! Wow! My hands even felt clean after rinsing without washing!

Conditioning Oil: I have a lot of natural oil, so I used just a little bit, spread on my fingertips and massaged into the lower portions of my damp hair. When I was blow drying, the brush just flew through my hair, it dried very quickly, and held bouncy, beautiful curl. I found myself flipping my head all day just to feel how light and free my hair moved and looked at it in every mirror and window I walked by to enjoy the beautiful shine and sunlight that sparkled through

I love using ViViD every day! In my job, I may meet high level executives, diplomats, celebrities, major league athletes and more on any given day, so I always want to look my very best. Bad hair days are a thing of the past. Now ViViD will guarantee great looking, healthy, vibrant hair for me every single day!


Gorgeous Holiday Hairstyles 2012!

Don’t you feel fabulous when you are having a good hair day? Even more, you love to have a little something special for your hair when you are dolled up for a celebration. Pull up the sides, a little extra height, curls, straight with a bounce, and a sparkle added here or there for a special occasion look that will give you double takes when you enter the party!

Who does it better than Reese Witherspoon? Okay, of course Carrie Underwood. There are many more, so that’s why I am taking you on a field trip to Elle Magazine’s 14 Top “Holiday Hair: The Best Celebrity Looks”.  I hope you find inspiration for your holiday look!

“Holiday Hair – The Best Celebrity Looks”

Change Up Your Hair For The Party!

You’ve been invited to a special “dress up” event! How fun! You’re rocking your beautiful skin “canvas”, and are ready to create a gorgeous “look” for total party fun. Keeping in mind that you are going to respect the event and honor the host and hostess who invited you, you want to Always Look Your Best!

You’ve got an outfit you’re so excited to wear, makeup to accentuate your beautiful skin, accessories to add sparkle, but what about your hair? You don’t want to go with your same old, same old, do you? Here are three of my favorite celebrities who really pull off  fabulous “party” hair, that might spark a little creative idea for your own!



I don’t think anyone does “long” better than Carrie Underwood!

Love the poof at the top, and long, cascading curls, with the wisps at the temples. Gorgeous!









 Reese Witherspoon wears this beautiful short-do so elegantly, don’t you think?

I think this would look lovely even on a mid-life beauty!








Eva Longoria is the epitomy of gracefulness in this feminine up-do.

Relaxed, yet dressy, she is so pretty in this style!





These three styles are foundational in their design, and can be easily personalized to give you a fabulous party look whatever your age!

Happy Partying!

5 Styling Tips for Girls With Curls!

Growing up, I had wavy, frizzy hair that would hold a curlered curl, fluff up in humid weather, and go straight when the dry winds blew. I married an Irishman, which is why our  darling daughter has beautiful curly strawberry hair!

Calling all Curly Tops! You CAN have curly hair and look Fabulous! [Read more…]

Turn a Bad Hair Day Into a Fabulous Hair Day!

Unbelievable! Worst Bad Hair Day EVER today!!!! No way was I going to let it ruin my whole day – too many places to go, people to see, things to do, stores to shop!!

Messy Hair by beeepHere’s how it happened…yesterday my twitter friend, Cassie, and I were laughing about how having a bad hair day really does ruin the whole day!! Later in the day, Sheri and I were saying how we would love to be able to flick our hair, and have it silky smooth again – except we each have a cowlick in our bangs.  I told her about mine that resembles a “rosette” on the forehead of a guinea pig, to which she replied about the sexy comparison. [Read more…]

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