Benefits of Epsom Salt Soaks

The wonders of age old epsom salts will never cease – and there are quite a number of uses and benefits it seems. From soaks to scrubs, relax to laxative, muscle cramps to blood sugar to cleaning grout and preventing hardening of the arteries. Seems our forefathers knew a good thing when they soaked in it, right?

Epsom Salts

Fresh from a little nip and tuck of my toe (nails), I’m now a week out and still swollen, bruised and hurting. My doctor gave me a choice for taking care of my tootsies after of either soaking in an epsom salt bath twice a day for 20 minutes, or use a cream that would help heal “just as well”. Waking 20 minutes earlier to sit and soak did not sound appealing to me, so I opted for the cream. A week later, my painful, puffy and red toes couldn’t even fit into any shoes I owned. I was staying undercover in my office, putting on slipper like shoes when I had a meeting or needed to see a Client. Ouch! [Read more…]

Sparkly Fun for Fingers and Toes!

Sparkly nails are such a fun way to accessorize your holiday outfit! Here are some of the lovely shimmer polish I found, in gemstone colors and silver and gold (for more colors, visit

This is a wonderful blue-cherry red that reminds me of Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz. It’s from Forever 21 called Raspberry Raven.

[Read more…]

New for Nails!

How your nails look can be very important to your business success. If you work with people, they will at some point notice your nails. Some companies have policies regarding length of nails, types of acceptable “toppings” and such, if they strive to present a specific corporate image.

In my daily work, I do meet with customers/guests and coworkers all day. I don’t want to draw attention to my hands, and yet want to put forth an elegant hand with manicured nails, and neutral polish. I’ve had acrylics (so 90’s!) and, more recently, shellacs. I have very dry nail tips that often split and peel. The Shellacs were lovely, yet I found they began to chip by the end of the first week!

For the time spent getting the shellacs applied and requiring a return visit to have them professionally removed, they weren’t meeting my need of a longer lasting polished look for the extra $$ and time. So, while at my local Target, I browsed the nail polish aisle and saw that Sally Hansen had released a new line of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes. [Read more…]

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