The Beauty of Control: It’s Red Hot

By Adrienne & Stephanie Vendetti

We were both born with frizzy, kinky, curly, unmanageable (the adjectives are endless!) red hair. It wasn’t until we were able to begin experimenting with different techniques that we finally got it under control. Here are a few of our secrets:

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Good Hair Cut: Natural redheads have the thickest hair, but have the smallest number of strands. To keep our hair from being puffy and thick, we have always had our hairdresser thin out the thick areas of our hair and give us a style that fits our every day life.

Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner: It is a necessity. We have tried every product under the sun and we’ve come to the same conclusion as we have with the food we go in our body- go natural. Since we’ve started using chemical-free shower products, we’ve noticed our hair has that natural shine that we use to have when we were kids.

Use of Oils: After showering, we always apply a dime size amount of olive oil or rosemary oil to our hair before blow drying. Since the oils are natural and free of harmful chemicals, it gives our hair a natural shine, keeps it from being damaged and allows it to grow healthy.

Control the Frizz! This is one area that many girls have problems with- especially redheads. After following the above techniques and blowing your hair dry, never leave it puffy! Instead, purchase a ceramic hair straightener and use it on your hair when needed. We only use the T3 Tourmaline because it doesn’t damage our hair and it’s always makes our hair look silky smooth!

Remember, you do not need to wash your hair every day. If we find our bangs getting a bit greasy, we’ll apply some baby powder or dry shampoo and our hair looks brand new!

For more helpful techniques, visit our site: and learn all the essential, “How to be’s!”

Now go out and show the world your beautiful hair, redheads!

About the Authors: Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti are sisters, best friends and natural-born redheads. Over the years, we have mastered every redhead beauty technique and have created How to be a Redhead for all natural and not-so-natural redheads throughout the world. We’re teaching women to love their red hair with recommendations for hair, skin, make-up, clothing- you name it, we’re here to help! Please visit How To Be A Redhead for more wonderful Redhead Fun!


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