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Exfoliation is the process of using mechanical or chemical means to promote skin cell shedding from the epidermis.  Despite the fact that skin exfoliation is incredibly beneficial, it is often an overlooked part of a healthy skin care regimen.  To understand why exfoliation is so important, it is necessary to first look at skin function and the natural sloughing process. read more here…


Most anti-aging skin care products today contain a variety of acids, meant to continuously get rid of dead skin cells for a fresher skin appearance. I personally like to have a treatment product that does an intense exfoliation on an occasional basis, and my daily skin care to be filled with ingredients that nourish and hydrate my skin all day long.  This is Part 1 in a short series on Alpha-Hydroxy Acids and Beta-Hydroxy Acids, that will enable you to know what they are and what they do for your skin.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Beta-Hydroxy Acids are highly effective anti-aging ingredients, clinically proven to reduce the signs of photoaging  When applied topically, AHA’s and BHA’s are known to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone, elasticity, and hydration, and reduce hyper-pigmentation.  read more here…


a tender touch by ottavia99When was the last time you really looked at skin? Youthful skin on the children around us, blemishes on teenagers, beginnings of laugh lines with the passing of youth, and the results of gravity as we approach our middle and later years.  You probably know some with “great” skin for their age, and others who have “let themselves go”! While heredity does play a part, there is plenty you can do to protect this largest organ of your body. The first step is to truly understand what your skin is made up of, and the best ways to nourish it so it lives a long and healthy life for you!  read more here…


Have you ever wondered what each layer of your skin is made up of and what it does? We know there are three main layers –

~ Epidermis or top layer,
~ Dermis or middle layer,  with everything that keeps our face “up”, and
~ Hypodermis or the base layer.

That’s about all there is to the simplifies version, yet with more and more information about toxic ingredients in skin care products, and the abundant choices of sunscreens and makeup, it is a good idea to gain a little more knowledge about your skin and what each layer does.   read more here…

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