Give One to You, Give One to Me…Makes You Happier!

Shopping for a gift just got a whole lot easier and much more enjoyable for the giver! New research shows liking a gift you are giving someone enough to purchase one for yourself is viewed very positively by the receiver and makes the giver happier. Who knew!

Matching Gifts!

“Research published this month in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin by Evan Polman, marketing professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Sam Maglio, marketing professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough, shows that gift recipients are happier with a present when the giver got themselves the same present.”

Maybe the thinking goes something like “if she liked it enough to purchase one for herself, it must be extra special”! Perhaps it gives the recipient an elevated sense of significance or exceptional-ness?

“The fact that a gift is shared with the giver makes it a better gift in the eyes of the receiver,” Polman says. “They like a “companionized” gift more, and they even feel closer to the giver.”

Companionized – makes one feel accepted, and preferred? Interesting description, I like it! How many times have you purchased a gift for someone and wished you had purchased one for yourself, or found something you really liked for yourself, and purchased it to give to someone else? Now you can both be happy. But then, you’ll be spending double on your gifts, and risk being seen in public wearing the same, scarf, sweater, purse, earrings, or whatever the matching gifts were. Hmm! There’s the downside, but then do you really care if you both really like it?

There’s one last thing that needs to go along with the gift, and that’s the communicating to the recipient that you did like it so much, you purchased one for yourself. That’s the sharing of the companionship idea, and the bonding begins!

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