Eating Soy Improves Health in Some Breast Cancers

There has been conflicting advice about whether or not eating soy and soy isoflavones is harmful if you’re at risk or have had breast cancer. New research has shown a positive effect on the health in those with some types of breast cancer with the regular consumption of soy.

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An epidemiological analysis of data from more than 6,000 American and Canadian women with breast cancer finds that post-diagnosis consumption of foods containing isoflavones — estrogen-like compounds primarily found in soy food — is associated with a 21 percent decrease in all-cause mortality. This decrease was seen only in women with hormone-receptor-negative tumors, and in women who were not treated with endocrine therapy such as tamoxifen.

The study, led by nutrition and cancer epidemiologist Fang Fang Zhang, M.D., Ph.D., from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, was published March 6 in Cancer.

This is great news for breast cancer survivors as well as everyone else who loves to eat soy every day, or even now and again. No need to be afraid any longer!

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