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Recent research is again showing healthy gut flora correlates with a healthy mind and decrease in depressive like or despair behavior. Lead researcher Alban Gaultier, PhD, and her team have produced significant findings of this gut-mind connection with the hope of repeating these results in humans.

“Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have reversed depression symptoms in mice by feeding them Lactobacillus, a probiotic bacteria found in live-cultures yogurt. Further, they have discovered a specific mechanism for how the bacteria affect mood, providing a direct link between the health of the gut microbiome and mental health.”

With the increase in young adults, teenagers and even school age children exhibiting signs of depression and despair, this is a great finding that is simple to incorporate into their daily food choices. It’s one way to help kids cope from the inside out when life gets tough, and try to keep them healthy in their body and mind.

Fortunately, Lactobacillus is commonly found in many brands of yogurt, so it is easy to find and consume regularly, with many different types and flavors. I find Greek Yogurt with a fruit compote is not as bitter as some yogurts, and will be more palatable for a youngster.

“Looking at the composition of the gut microbiome before and after mice were subjected to stress, Gaultier’s team found that the major change was the loss of Lactobacillus. With the loss of Lactobacillus came the onset of depression symptoms. Feeding the mice Lactobacillus with their food returned them to almost normal…They found that the amount of Lactobacillus in the gut affects the level of a metabolite in the blood called kynurenine, which has been shown to drive depression. When Lactobacillus was diminished in the gut, the levels of kynurenine went up — and depression symptoms set in.”

I look forward to learning the results of their future research on the influence of inflammation and kynurenine / kynurenic acid has on mental health, as well. Until then, enjoy a daily serving of yogurt for your mental health and well being!

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