What’s Next After You’ve Interviewed

What are the appropriate next steps after you’ve interviewed for a new job? You can make it somewhat easier if you confirm what the next steps are before you leave the interview, during your final face to face.

Before you leave the interview:

  1. Let them know how much you have enjoyed meeting them.
  2. Say one or two things specifically you appreciated discussing during the interview.
  3. It is very appropriate at this time to ask “What are the next steps?”
  4. Make sure you have the names/business cards/titles of everyone in the interview.
  5. Confirm, even repeat back to them, when you should expect to hear next from them.

What’s next?

  1. Thank you notes. Definitely an email thank you to each person on the panel, or if a very large panel, to the lead panelist, naming all in the interview.
  2. If it is appropriate, based on the position interviewing for, you can also send a handwritten thank you note. I say if appropriate, because certain positions will require hand written notes be sent to clients, and sending one to the key interviewers shows your handwriting, and ability to compose a sincere note of appreciation which bodes well with clients.

When I interviewed for the Concierge Nurse position, I definitely emailed AND sent handwritten thank yous for each interview round. Handwritten thank you notes are part of the role of any Concierge, so I knew they would like to receive this form of communication to know my style and ability to communicate appreciation in writing. Interestingly, as I learned after accepting the position, I receive many thank you notes from happy clients, of which I learned the art of graciously accepting a note of gratitude….and the value of passing it along to my superiors.

After you’ve thanked them, what’s next? What can you do while you’re waiting to hear back?

“There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, though. So Miranda Kalinowski, vice president of global recruiting at Facebook, encourages candidates to think of it as a first date. “You want to be following up with the right balance of enthusiasm and interest,” she notes, “but without coming across as desperate.”

For more tips on “Exactly What to do While You Wait to Hear Back About a Job” is an excellent article with great tips from real interviewers and interviewees.

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