Weight Loss Help with a Probiotic Bacteria

Wouldn’t you like a little weight loss help? A probiotic may be your answer! A recent weight loss research study, published in The British Journal of Nutrition, found one bacteria in particular which promoted a greater weight loss over time, with the ability to keep lost weight off in those who took it as a supplement along with diet.

“According to Angelo Tremblay, (Professor at Universite Laval) probiotics may act by altering the permeability of the intestinal wall. By keeping certain proinflammatory molecules from entering the bloodstream, they might help prevent the chain reaction that leads to glucose intolerance, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.”

This study was conducted on men and women, and surprisingly only the women showed these results when the same diet was implemented along with some receiving the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and others receiving a placebo.

“After the 12-week diet period, researchers observed an average weight loss of 4.4 kg in women in the probiotic group and 2.6 kg in the placebo group.

(Following) the 12-week maintenance period, the weight of the women in the placebo group had remained stable but the probiotic group had continued to lose weight, for a total of 5.2 kg per person. In short, women consuming probiotics lost twice as much weight over the 24-week period of the study. Researchers also noted a drop in the appetite-regulating hormone leptin in this group, as well as a lower overall concentration of the intestinal bacteria related to obesity.”

This is an amazing result to continue losing while trying to maintain. Now I am very interested in finding some Lactobacillus rhamnosus, for myself. An online search didn’t come up with much, so I studied the various yogurt brands at my local grocery store and found a brand that has it – Stoneyfield Organic Greek Yogurt.

I like the whole milk full-fat version of dairy products as they are lower in sugar and taste better!

Here’s the ingredient list on the label – along with a number of lactobacillus bacteria probiotics. I’m game – who’s with me? It won’t be hard as I eat greek yogurt for breakfast every morning with some paleonola nuts on top. My basic diet is very healthy  – large lettuce and raw veggie salad for lunch and cottage cheese with fruit for dinner. Now, I’ll just need to stop eating dessert and my usual potato or tortilla chips along with it and then look for results!

To read more about this study, please click through to ScienceDaily.Com, which is my source for the quotes in this post, as well!


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