Are Sweets on Your Diet Breakfast Menu?

As a healthy eater starting your day with a nutritious breakfast, are sweets on your breakfast menu? Here’s why they should be.  If you don’t have a problem keeping a healthy weight, then this won’t be as meaningful to you as to someone like me, who, well, let’s just say – struggles.

Chocolate Cake

A new study published in the journal Steroids, shows fantastic results from a study done in Tel Aviv, which included a sweet treat on a low carbohydrate, high protein, 600 calorie breakfast. Results included excellent weight loss, and continued weight loss after the study was completed.

“They key is to indulge in the morning, when the body’s metabolism is at its most active and we are better able to work off the extra calories throughout the day, say Prof. Daniela Jakubowicz, Dr. Julio Wainstein and Dr. Mona Boaz of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Diabetes Unit at Wolfson Medical Center, and Prof. Oren Froy of Hebrew University Jerusalem.”

Doesn’t this make sense? This should have the same effect for someone who moves around a lot throughout the day, and works out either earlier or later in the day.

“Attempting to avoid sweets entirely can create a psychological addiction to these same foods in the long-term, explains Prof. Jakubowicz.”

I totally agree with this – gives a feeling of being deprived, and mentally leaves you thinking you are missing something, not a feeling of satiety.

“Adding dessert items to breakfast can control cravings throughout the rest of the day. Over the course of a 32 week-long study, detailed in the journal Steroids, participants who added dessert to their breakfast — cookies, cake, or chocolate — lost an average of 40 lbs. more than a group that avoided such foods. What’s more, they kept off the pounds longer.”

This is remarkable!

The group of dieters in their study who lost more weight ate a 600 calorie breakfast each day which included high protein, low carbohydrate and a sweet. The group that lost a similar amount of weight, but went on to gain back a large portion afterwards, ate a 300 calorie low carbohydrate breakfast. Women ate a total of 1400 calories and men 1600 calories a day.

Just goes to show that weight management is a combination of healthy nutritional choices and psychological satisfaction!


To read more about this study, please go to*Quotations are taken from the article in Science Daily.

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    I like this study. I think I’m going to have something sweet right now LOL. Thank you for the article. 🙂

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