Early or Skipping Dinner Healthier for You?

Can eating an early dinner, or skipping dinner altogether, be healthier for you? A new study shows results that are significant for health benefits when you do so.



“The first human test of early time-restricted feeding found that this meal-timing strategy reduced swings in hunger and altered fat and carbohydrate burning patterns, which may help with losing weight. In early time-restricted feeding (eTRF), people eat their last meal by the mid-afternoon and don’t eat again until breakfast the next morning. The findings were unveiled during an oral presentation today at The Obesity Society Annual Meeting at ObesityWeek 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana.”

Are you finding it difficult to maintain a healthy weight when  you eat late afternoons and evenings? As I am aging, I have found it very difficult to do so. I’ve adopted a pattern of eating a light meal at 3:00 or 4:00 pm in the afternoon and nothing until the next morning – just to keep my weight the same. So now there is scientific proof this it is actually a big deal! (I’ve also noticed I gain weight when I eat more animal protein, so I’m increasing my intake of cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and eggs.)

Mind you, there is no cookie or chips in this discussion. Ugh. The study goes on to say:

“Eating only during a much smaller window of time than people are typically used to may help with weight loss,” said Courtney Peterson, PhD, who led the study at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. “We found that eating between 8 am and 2 pm followed by an 18-hour daily fast kept appetite levels more even throughout the day, in comparison to eating between 8 am and 8 pm, which is what the median American does.”

This is very interesting, as I think it boils down to metabolism swings in your body at different times of the day, don’t you think? Your body begins to slow down as it prepares for a good night’s sleep. You’ve always heard it’s not good to go to bed with a full stomach, or to eat late at night. This is even more limiting, basically fasting from late afternoon on. Can you do it?

Read more of this interesting study by clicking Science Daily .com 

Quotes are taken from ScienceDaily.com



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