One Stop Ear Infection Treatment

Soon the days of fighting toddlers to get them to take their antibiotics for an earache will be over! A new form and method of a single application antibiotic gel, applied directly into the ear canal, has been shown to be a treat inner ear infections completely.

“A single-application bioengineered gel, squirted in the ear canal, could deliver a full course of antibiotic therapy for middle ear infections, making treatment of this common childhood illness much easier and potentially safer, finds a preclinical study led by Boston Children’s Hospital in collaboration with investigators at Boston Medical Center and Massachusetts Eye and Ear. The findings were published September 14, by the journal Science Translational Medicine.”

I can hear the collective “yippee” from moms everywhere!

Once applied, the gel solidifies, then through a chemical process, is able to change into a form which can penetrate the tympanic membrane or ear drum. Once in the ear drum, it does its job of  bacterial destruction.

No more remembering to give the medicine at timed intervals. No more trying to convince your child that it tastes good and please just swallow it. No more having them spit it back at you.

I would like to ask one thing of the Pediatricians everywhere – could you please have a stock of it in your office and give it to the children before they leave? Please????

For more scientific details of this new medication delivery system, please see



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