Bacterium Decreases Food Allergy Symptoms

Do you have food allergies? The bacterium Bifidobacterium longum KACC 91563 is an intestinal bacteria that when taken as a probiotic shows promise of decreasing allergic reaction to foods in the intestine. Great news for food allergy sufferers, to be sure. Think gluten, seafood, eggs and anything else that causes mild to severe intestinal symptoms when eaten. This would be life changing for many.

Take a look at this great diagram by the Institute for Basic Science. The probiotic bacterium release extracellular vesicles which deliver a protein from the bacterium that cause the mast cells (your body’s allergic response) to self destruct. (I heart this illustration – so easy to understand!)

nstitute for Basic Science. "Protein from bacteria alleviates food allergy symptoms." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 16 March 2016. <>.

B. longum’s affect on mast cells produced when food allergens appear.

“The probiotics work by releasing extracellular vesicles (EVs), tiny spherical packets that contain protein and DNA which are released into the small and large intestines. The EVs deliver this material from the bacteria which influence the immune system. In the case of B. longum KACC 91563, the EVs contain family 5 extracellular solute-binding protein (ESBP). In the intestines, the ESBP interacts with mast cells which are responsible for allergic response, and causes them to kill themselves, thus neutralizing their ability to induce allergy.”

My questions include:

  • Once the mast cells are demolished, could there be any other systemic response to the food allergen? No rash or itching or swelling?
  • If the food is a highly allergic one that would otherwise cause an anyphylactic response (need epinephrine and call 911 type of response), will this bacterium shut off this response completely?
  • How much bacterium would you need for severe allergies?

I’m very excited about this new finding, and hope it will be made available to purchase very soon! Life changing for so many – hurry up already!


Article source: Science Daily –

Journal Reference: Jung-Hwan Kim, Eun-Ji Jeun, Chun-Pyo Hong, Seong-Hoon Kim, Min Seong Jang, Eun-Jung Lee, Sook Jin Moon, Chang Ho Yun, Sin-Hyeog Im, Seok-Geun Jeong, Beom-Young Park, Kyong-Tai Kim, Ju-Young Seoh, Yoon-Keun Kim, Sung-Jong Oh, Jun-Sang Ham, Bo-Gie Yang, Myoung Ho Jang. Extracellular vesicle–derived protein from Bifidobacterium longum alleviates food allergy through mast cell suppression. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2016; 137 (2): 507 DOI: 10.1016/j.jaci.2015.08.016

Diagram source: Institute for Basic Science. “Protein from bacteria alleviates food allergy symptoms.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 16 March 2016. <>.


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