Invisalign Done!

My Invisalign journey is over! I’m in the promised land of lovely straight teeth, aligned bite and painless eating.


Phew. I won’t say the year flew by, there were some very tough times, but all in all I’m very glad I took the challenge and am very happy with my results. (Only wish they could grow back receding gums while straightening teeth. Sigh.)

The good:

  • Watching my teeth come back into alignment while no one could really tell I was wearing the trays.
  • My jaw has expanded, and now there is no clicking or pain when I chew, no more getting locked or only being able to open my mouth a finger-breadth wide.
  • Chin wrinkles have melted into my wider jawline.
  • I am smiling more.
  • It’s over!!
  • This list is short compared to the bad, but so, so worth the struggles, and I am very, very happy I have done this, truly loving my results!

The bad (the process or daily struggle):

  • My mouth constantly overproduced saliva in a “rejection” process. Going to sleep at night while I needed to constantly swallow, turning on my side and pools of drool occurred was a big challenge. SO glad this is over with.
  • The every other week of tooth movement and bite adjustment pain. I managed it with regular strength Tylenol mostly at bedtime.
  • Taking the trays in and out of my mouth for timed eating, most painful when adjusting to tooth/jaw movement and the trays felt very tight.
  • All the brushing and flossing, and brushing and flossing, and brushing and flossing. I have toothbrushes and toothpaste in my purse, my office, home, my car and my pockets.
  • Talking with them in was difficult for me, as my mouth was dry when first placing new trays in and my lips would stick to them while talking. But very soon the saliva would start to pool.
  • Timed eating. “Oh, you’ll lose weight!” was said to me more times than I can count. Truth be told I did not lose a pound. My eating became: look at clock->determine when trays need to go back in -> eat as much as you can as fast as you can, slurp that once-leisurely-sipped cup of coffee down and forget about a second cup -> brush, floss and put trays back in.
  • Timed eating when attending a luncheon was my biggest nightmare. Sip light or clear colored beverages during the reception-> be seated at your table-> wait through opening remarks -> as salad is being served, slip to the ladies room to remove trays (which in itself is embarrassing to take trays out near the sink while others may see – can’t even think of taking them out in the private stall – yuck!) -> put them in the little-container-which-doesn’t-fit-into-a-clutch-so-you-wrap-them-in-a-napkin-and-put-them-in-the-clutch-or-your-bra. Commence dining, but if the speaker goes long, and they’re holding dessert and coffee until after the keynote, this could take up to 2 hours. (Which now leaves so little time for dinner!) Then return to the ladies room to brush and floss and put the trays back in as discreetly as possible, in front of all the luncheon ladies. Thankful this nightmare is now over.
  • I felt like I had bad breath all the time, in spite of all the brushing and flossing and ginormous amount of breath mints consumed.

Would I do it again? Yes, because my jaw pain and unbalanced bite was very painful.

Would I recommend it to you? Yes, with the understanding you must always keep the end result in mind. Every time I would visit the orthodontist, they would slide the graphics of upper and lower tooth and jaw line from the beginning to what the end would look like. I always asked my Orthodontist to do it a couple of times to imprint it into my memory. Knowing what the end result was going to be, how far I had come, and their encouragement each visit of “It’s only going to get better and look amazing!” was very helpful.

As I went along, there were other friends who decided to join me on the invisalign journey, and we developed an informal support group:

“How’re you doing with your liners?’

“Hate them, going to stop.”

“Don’t stop now, you’ve come so far!”

“I keep forgetting to put them back in”

“Oh, I know! I just put them in without brushing!”

“Been doing that since the beginning – can’t deal.”

“We’ll get through this together!”

“Thanks. Hey, my friend is going to get them, too!”

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Candy Dye is a Nurse Practitioner and teacher that loves everything about health, wellness, looking beautiful, and being with people who enjoy life and love to have fun!

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