What Stains Your Teeth?

One of the benefits I’ve experienced with daily oil pulling has been whiter teeth. My teeth were set up to stain due to enamel damage from cemented-on braces / headgear / rebelling-from-the-pain-and-ugliness-by-not-brushing-for-days back a few decades ago (before there was such a thing a motrin). With eroded enamel, a love for coffee, blueberries, …make that ALL berries, and chocolate, my teeth were a yukky yellow. Then I began daily oil pulling and within a few months I noticed the stains lifted, and my teeth a nicer shade of white (not the bright white of laser bleached, mind you).

Yellow to White Teeth

Recently, WebMD posted a really nice pictorial of what the common causes of teeth stains are which you can flip through by clicking What Stains Your Teeth?

Some of the common culprits we all know are:

  • Teas (the lighter colored the better)
  • Sauces (red and curry are a no-no – but watch the calories if you switch to white creamy sauces)
  • Sports drinks (lots of acidic ingredients that wear on your enamel)
  • Wine (especially red)
  • Fruits and berries
  • Sodas, colas and other carbonated beverages (not only because they are dark colored, but they are also highly acidic and wear down your enamel – remember the experiment we did when we were young where we put a tarnished penny in a cup of cola over night? Boy was it bright and shiny in the morning!)
  • Candy dyes (which go on candies – like M&M’s)

How to protect your teeth from stains:

  • Use a straw placed near the back of your mouth
  • Try not to swish the above foods / beverages around too long in your mouth
  • Brush teeth right after consuming culprits
  • Oil Pulling (I think one of the things it does is coat the teeth and protect them
  • Teeth whiteners of all sorts – from dental office treatments to over the counter products
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