Ultrasound Speeds Wound Healing

A recent study using ultrasound therapy on wounds of diabetics and the elderly has shown some very promising results for decreasing time for healing. This will be such a great treatment, especially for those with diabetes, who have poor circulation, with wound infections which sometimes progress into very serious infections.

“Healing times for skin ulcers and bedsores can be reduced by a third with the use of low-intensity ultrasound, scientists from the University of Sheffield and University of Bristol have found.”   – Science Daily

How does Ultrasound Wave Therapy Work?

Ultrasound wave technology uses sound waves that are greater than the upper limit of human hearing. These waves generate approximately 5 million vibrations per second and generate heat that raises the skin temperature by 0.5 – 1.0°C, benefiting skin by

  1. opening pores to allow impurities to be removed,
  2. vibrations activate skin healing mechanisms and push nutrients deep into the skin,
  3. stimulating collagen and elastin production,
  4. increasing blood circulation and cleansing, and
  5. encouraging healthy skin cell turnover.

“…Ultrasound transmits a vibration through the skin and wakes up cells in wounds helping to stimulate and accelerate the healing process….Because it is just speeding up the normal processes, the treatment doesn’t carry the risk of side effects that are often associated with drug treatments.”

With the vibratory waves causing an increase in the temperature of the skin, more nutrients are delivered through better circulation, impurities are removed more effectively, and wound healing is enhanced.


DFI (Derma Firm Illuminator) and PSR Next (Precision Skin Rejuvenating Serum)

If you were to use a home ultrasound device, such as the Derma Firm Illuminator, you should not allow the head to touch an open wound directly, and only use the Precision Skin Rejuvenating Serum that was created for it, applying it on intact skin at the periphery of a wound.

Disclaimer: Always, always, always check with your doctor before using any device or serum on any wound, or damaged skin.

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