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The other day, when I was in Costco for an eye exam, I had the most lovely experience! The waiting room was filled to overflowing, the wait long, but my optometrist had Andrea Bocelli playing which was very smart of her. Then I started to chat with a woman who was getting anxious with the long wait, as she needed to be home for her new dishwasher delivery. Which was the beginning of our conversation.

Chatting in the Waiting Room

What woman does not get excited for a new dishwasher? Turns out she has three sons, one majoring in electronic dance motion, one wanting to be a professional drummer, and one hoping to be admitted to Juliard. She has her plate full. We had such a lovely and very funny conversation, with Andrea in the background, that when she was called I was very sad to see her go!

After my appointment I headed over to order new prescription glasses, and as the Optical attendant was offering me all kinds of upsells – “buy a second pair and get 50% off?”, “how about some extra tinting on your new lenses?”, “would you like a pair of prescription sunglasses?” I reminded her to apply my vision insurance.

Wow! Did that make a big difference in the price, and I was thinking how nice the discount was, we started chatting about getting discounts on purchases. Then there was an “E.F. Hutton Moment” when I asked if she had ever used a promo code when ordering online.

No, she said she hadn’t, as several other attendants mosied over to hear the details.

Last year, I received a last minute Christmas Gift request of a Major League Soccer Team Jersey, with instructions of where to purchase it. A large outdoor mall, with little parking was not where I was hoping to be at this late date.

With my job, last minute is hard for me to do, especially the shopping mall the requested jersey was to be found. So I went to the jersey’s brand website, and found the exact one, priced at $90. Then there would be shipping. When I looked at the checkout page, there was a space that said “Enter Promo Code” with a big blank box. Oh, how I wanted something to put in there that would give me a much lower price.

That’s when I opened another tab and typed in the search bar “discount code”. Lo and behold, amazing things came up! …. and many more!

WOW! Did I hit the jackpot!

Just type in the brand and product and things come up! I found one for the jersey giving me 30% Off!!!

What I like about is that they tell you how many people have used the code successfully, when it was last used and expiration dates. I’ve even used one post expiration that worked.

Last week I purchased a dress online and found a code for $20 off and free shipping! I hope you enjoy my tip and are successful using some promo codes for all your shopping!


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Candace Dye is an Apriori Beauty Consultant and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Her passion is helping others to uncover and enhance their true inner radiance with tips for health, wellness, skin care and beauty!

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