New Easy-to-Clean Hair Brush

Do you spend the time to remove the hair and clean your hairbrush every so often, or do you toss it in the trash and purchase a new one? With 6 heads of hair to manage, I remember my mother filling a basin with an ammonia solution and soaking combs and brushes in every week when I was little. The time consuming tasks of removing the hair from the bristles and core, soaking, rinsing and drying was a mother’s labor. Usually done Saturday nights, we ate hot dogs for dinner because there wasn’t time to cook a big meal with all the hair washing and hair brush cleaning going on.

Well now we’re talking sustainability when inventors of the new easy to clean hairbrush created their new product.

Credit: Image courtesy of Scott Shim, The Ohio State University

Easy Cleaning Hairbrush

“Researchers at The Ohio State University have designed a hairbrush that’s easy to clean. The body of the brush flexes to let users remove trapped hair.

Scott Shim, associate professor of design at Ohio State, is working to make everyday objects easier to maintain so they last longer and don’t end up in a landfill.

His first such creation is an easy-to-clean hairbrush.

“We don’t want people to have to throw away a perfectly good hairbrush just because it needs to be cleaned,” Shim said.

His research revealed that the average lifetime of a hairbrush is six months to a year — “lifetime” meaning how long the average person is willing to put up with a dirty hairbrush before buying a new one.

Shim and former graduate student Morris Koo named their design “the MAZE hairbrush” because the bristles sit on rows of curving supports that resemble paths in a maze. The rows pull apart for easy cleaning.”

Read more about this invention:

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