What is a Concierge Nurse?

Concierge Nursing: What is it all about?

Have you experienced concierge services when you’ve traveled and stayed in a hotel? The concierges are sharp, and have a world of information at their fingertips – or in their heads, and can “Connect the Dots” for you in no time at all. Make a reservation, direct you to an unknown destination, arrange transportation or book a tennis partner for a quick set!

Switch the hotel to a hospital and your concierge may be a nurse who can connect the dots for your health care experience. A Concierge Nurse may assist with appointment scheduling, accompany your family for a test or treatment, and even though you really don’t want to be in the hospital, the concierge can make sure your stay is AHmazing! Welcome to my world as a concierge nurse in a children’s hospital!

My “clients” are the stressed and worried moms and dads with sick children who may travel from other parts of the world, be a high profile business executive, diplomat, or someone who might be publicly recognizable.

My traveling guests usually arrive on my doorstep while they are vacationing at the nearby Disneyland resort or one of our coastal resorts. The dots I connect for these families is to contact their hotel to request a special touch for a stressed family, or Disney Guest Services if they never made it into the parks. Sometimes I contact Disney Guest Health Services if a child is being discharged and going right back into the parks, as they may need medical assistance like giving a medication. I always carry a Disneyland map so I can show my families how to get to the Guest Health Services once they arrive back in the park, and usually recommend the corn dog cart which is close by!

I never know what each day will bring, who I will meet or what the needs of my families will be. I’m very protective of their personal privacy, and to me they are a worried mom and dad who appreciate a lot of TLC and help finding where the cafeteria is, a shower, a comfy bed beside their child and the assurance they will receive our very best medical and nursing care. If they have just spent a few hours in our emergency room, they may be very hungry and exhausted, or have left their family suddenly and be trying to manage the rest of their family at home while in the hospital. The assistance of an experienced nurse who comes along side to provide assurance, and help them navigate their journey, is very comforting.

My associates I work with are truly the most wonderful colleagues ever. They are highly knowledgeable, very caring, adore children, and want to make their experience staying in the hospital as fun and “not-scary” as possible. I also have many other resources at my fingertips which can create something at a moment’s notice to make a family feel very special.

This past Christmas, there was a very frightened child getting ready for surgery. To calm him the nurses gave him an iPad and asked him to select the music he would like to listen to. He really loved Christmas carols and because they weren’t on the iPad the staff surrounded him and began singing “Silent Night” as they wheeled his bed toward the operating room. Just as they were turning the corner, they were singing “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” and he fell asleep. We all work together to exceed the expectations of our families!

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