Social Jetlag

How does Social Jetlag affect you?

We know not getting enough sleep, having poor quality sleep, awakening unrefreshed while still tired is not healthy. If your poor quality and lack of sleep is caused by working hours that don’t match the natural rhythms of your internal body clock, this is being referred to as ‘Social Jetlag.’

Now, researchers report in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on March 12 that sleep and workers’ general well-being could be improved if work schedules took workers’ biological clocks into account.”

Restful Sleep is So Important!

I completely agree! I naturally awaken at 6:30 am. But that’s when I need to be driving to work, with one cup of coffee consumed, and a second one in my hand.

Have we read something like this in studying high school students early schedules and correlating it to chronic tiredness and poor performance?

Recent Study

A ‘simple’ re-organization of shifts according to chronotype allowed workers to sleep more on workday nights,” says Till Roenneberg of Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Germany. “As a consequence, they were also able to sleep less on their free days due to a decreased need for compensating an accumulating sleep loss. This is a double-win situation.

Well, this would be a highly welcome change for many I know, to be sure! It would make your days off more productive if you didn’t have to use them as “recovery” days, right? Perhaps caffeine consumption would decrease? Sleep aids used less? Energy drinks no longer needed?

On the test subjects in the study, researchers looked at a variety of effects the matching work schedules to natural sleep patterns demonstrated.

We know that sleep has important implications not only on physical health but also on mood, stress, and social interactions, so that improving sleep will most probably result in many other positive side effects,” says Céline Vetter, the first author of the study.”

I also wonder if the better sleep patterns resulted in less frequent illness, as well. I’m all for more sleep at times that are natural for you!

Journal Reference:

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