Why Night Skin Cleansing is a Must

Why is night cleansing a must?

It’s late, your exhausted, and just want to jump into bed and fall asleep. “I’ll wash my face in the morning and put on fresh makeup then,” you say to yourself. You think it’s not a big deal, probably because you don’t see the results of your inaction immediately. In reality, it IS a big deal. Over time not washing the day’s “soil” from your face will lead to all kinds of not so pretty results!

In the pictures below you can see how beautiful and healthy a clean, open pore is on the surface and underneath your skin. You can see the blood vessels that bring oxygen and nutrients to your skin to give it a vibrant, healthy glow.


Your Skin Pores

Next you can see what happens when your skin pores are blocked up with the impurities of the environment and your makeup that can block the flow of natural oil. Once this happens, you see what happens under the surface where the natural oils are now blocked from flowing out, backing up, along with the dirt that has been accumulating during the day, with a little added bacteria. Your body’s immune system recognizes the bacteria and sends out white blood cells to form a pustule. The pore becomes red, swollen, painful and “angry,” as well a pretty nasty looking.

The third picture is one that is not infected with bacteria, instead is plugged with an abundance of old dead skin cells and the dirt of a day, or two, or three or more. This forms a blackhead which turns brown/black from oxidation of the old skin cells. This is pretty ugly, too, because you don’t usually have just one – they run in packs, or patches, like on your whole nose.

What to do?

  1. Which includes twice a day cleansing with a natural oil cleanser? The night time cleansing is by far a very important time, as you then go to sleep with no makeup on, and a good nutrient rich moisturizer will be nourishing and protecting you skin all night. No facing environmental dirt and grime. Dry skin? Use a humidifier in your bedroom to moisten the air.
  2. In the evenings, you can use a Sugar Scrub, a home Acid Peel, and a Clay Masque. My exfoliating schedule is Acid Peel on Friday, Clay Masque Wednesday and Sunday, and Sugar Scrub on Tuesday. I use a beauty gadget on the other days, to give myself a nice little face lift. Exfoliation moves along the dead skin cells and leaves your pores ready to receive the nutrients of your other skin care products and moisturizers.
  3. Nutrient Rich Moisturizer – one that nourishes and protects your pores and skin cells after you’ve exfoliated. With your pores clean and open, a good moisturizer will penetrate deeply and give you an excellent night hydrating treatment, especially while you aren’t drinking water the 8 hours your sleep.

Once you find clean, non toxic, nutrient rich products, your skin will look lovely, and radiant if you keep to this routine. Read labels closely because most anti aging skin care products have exfoliating ingredients in them. I believe you should exfoliate intentionally, and nourish you skin every other hour of the day and night!

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