10 Tips for Beautiful Looking Ears

“Did you wash behind your ears?” Seems like that was a question Mrs. Cleaver used to ask the Beaver often, yet I don’t recall while I was growing up ever having a specific lesson on how to go about cleaning my ears.


A Beautifully Clean Ear!

I do recall hearing over and over to never put anything sharper than an elbow inside my ear. Then, of course, my junior high buddies and I would all laugh and proceed to hold up our elbows in the direction of our ears. More laughter because no way can they reach!

Truth is, there is a lot of wax, or cerumen, being made by our bodies, which acts to draw dirt and debris from the inside to the outside of this exposed canal. Nature has created such a wonderful system, except when we are of such “ear wax making virility” that we make an overabundance, or our wax is dry, and subsequently ends up blocking the passage.

So for all of us who were left to figure it out for ourselves, here are my tips!

How to Care for Your Ear Canal

  1. Allow a little soapy water to get into your ears when you wash your hair, then make sure you rinse gently with clean water after.
  2. You can place a few drops of clean olive oil in your ears every other night if you are prone to the dry waxy buildup.
  3. There are over the counter ear wax debriding solutions you can use, which causes some bubbling in the ear, and when used often, hopes of wax working its way out.
  4. See a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner who can “irrigate” your external ear canal, and use an instrument to extract cerumen blockages.
  5. When you are at a medical check up appointment, ask how the your ears are looking and if the wax situation is under control. Sometimes medical practitioners are so used to looking at only the ear drums, they don’t pay much attention to the canal unless there is a lot of wax needing to be cleared to see the drum.

How to Care for the Outer Ear Lobes

  1. Wash daily behind your ears using a washcloth and natural oil cleanser. Make sure to gently wash in the folds of the front portion of the ear.
  2. Rinse all cleanser residue from behind and in the ear lobes. This part is very important, as left over soapy residue builds up, can irritate the skin, especially in the moist area behind the ears, which can lead to a scaly looking patch causing further irritation.
  3. Dry behind your ears using a dry towel.
  4. Dry inside the folds of the front ear auricle.
  5. Use a light coat of natural oil moisturizer behind and in the folds of the ear lobe.
  6. Especially do all of the above if you have pierced ears, taking care of the openings to prevent infection.

Hopefully you now will have beautiful looking outer ears, and I will smile when I stand behind you in an elevator!



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Candace Dye is an Apriori Beauty Consultant and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Her passion is helping others to uncover and enhance their true inner radiance with tips for health, wellness, skin care and beauty!

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