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There is exciting news for those, young and old, who suffer from acne! A new study has shown promising results for prolonged inhibition of the primary bacteria that contributes to acne through the combination of resveratrol and benzoyl peroxide.



[A] “team of researcher(s from the UCLA Division of Dermatology, David Geffen School of Medicine, have published their findings in the online edition of the journal Dermatology and Therapy where they have)… found that combining resveratrol with a common acne medication, benzoyl peroxide, may enhance the drug’s ability to kill the bacteria and could translate into new treatments.”

“The early lab findings demonstrated that resveratrol and benzoyl peroxide attack the acne bacteria, called Propionibacterium acnes, in different ways.

Resveratrol… (an) antioxidant stops the formation of free radicals, which cause cell and tissue damage. Benzoyl peroxide is an oxidant that works by creating free radicals that kill the acne bacteria…..Dr. Emma Taylor, the study’s first author and assistant clinical professor of medicine says that…This study demonstrates that combining an oxidant and an antioxidant may enhance each other and help sustain bacteria-fighting activity over a longer period of time….Surprisingly, the two compounds together proved the most effective in reducing bacteria counts.”


For Benzoyl Peroxide face wash, I recommend you ask your dermatologist to prescribe one that is strong enough to be effective, yet mild enough not to cause inflammation of the already inflamed skin.

For Moisturizer with Resveratrol , I highly recommend Apriori Beauty’s Day Defense Plus


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and Apriori Beauty’s Night Repair 3-Deep, each with Resveratrol that will provide an effective partner with the Benzoyl Peroxide wash, and keep the drying and skin aging side effects of it at bay.


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