Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurveda practice that has not been thoroughly researched by the current scientific community, but has those with gum issues very interested in this practice.

The very simple process of Oil Pulling explained:

  1. Purchase virgin, organic coconut or sesame oil.
    Coconut Oil
  2. Perform first thing in the morning, before you put food or liquid into your mouth.
  3. Place 1 teaspoon of oil into your mouth, swish around and “pull” through your teeth.
  4. Do this for 10 – 20 minutes.
  5. DO NOT SWALLOW the OIL, as it is said to be full of toxins drawn out of your tissues which could make you sick if swallowed.
  6. Spit out the oil within the time frame given when the oil is thin and white.
  7. Rinse with salt water or warm water.
  8. Repeat  anywhere from once a day / several times a week, to twice a day / every day.

Results are reported of whiter teeth, fresher breath, healthier gums and even regrowth of receded gum tissue.

It is the regrowth of receded gum tissue that has me curious. I asked my dental hygienist what she thought about it at my teeth cleaning visit last week, and she told me of two patients she has who have had much difficulty with gingivitis, receding gum tissue and other issues from unhealthy gums. These two patients had tried everything conventional, including antibiotics, with no relief. They each decided to try oil pulling, which resulted in the restoration of  healthy gum tissue, regrowth of receded gums and complete resolution of infection. She said their results were impressive.

My hygienist then shared what she thought was the mechanism by which oil pulling is effective. She feels that with the amount of time swishing the oil around in the mouth displaces the saliva that is normally present. Because oil and water don’t mix, she felt that in the ten or twenty minutes of swishing the oil around, the oil completely displaced all traces of bacteria filled saliva, creating an effective barrier within the gum tissue.

That sounds like a good explanation. I like to think there may be more to it with the drawing out of toxins, which allow healthier nutrients to be present and utilized by the tissue, and greater oxygen delivery in the micro-circulation to occur. I hope there will be some scientific research soon. When I looked at ClinicalTrials.gov there was not one study currently going on. Basically all information on this practice comes from those who study and utilize Ayurvedic medicine and from the many reports of those who have tried conventional treatments without success, to then experience great success with oil pulling.

I am not supporting this practice, nor am I encouraging anyone to use it, only sharing what is becoming popular for those who are seeking help for their gums.

Read more from WebMD and Dr. Mercola about Oil Pulling and the many other touted benefits.

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