3-in-1 Facial Rejuvenation Procedure Better than Repeated Tightening

Repeated face-lifting can only go so far. After all, how many times can you tighten and lift, before you looked a little bit too tightened? With aging comes loss of volume and musculature, which affects the facial muscles along with every other muscle in the body that begins to droop, right? Now, plastic surgeons are telling us that we can have a three-in-one procedure that tightens, adds volume and smooths the surface skin to give a total face rejuvenation. This is great news from Science Daily last week.

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Before and After a Facelift – Great Results!

“Total facial rejuvenation, which combines an extensive facelift to tighten skin and muscle; specialized, midface implants to restore fullness; and laser resurfacing to reduce skin’s irregular texture and discoloration, can be safely performed at one time, reports Dr. Achih H. Chen, facial plastic surgeon.

 (Chen, Director of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University and Director of The Georgia Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Evans, Ga., is corresponding author of the study in The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery.)
Dr. Chen’s group has refined the combined procedure in such a way as to prevent complications that had previously resulted such as facial trauma or impaired wound healing. In fact, in their study of 21 women (from 58 to 71 years of age), they achieved normal wound healing and growth of a new top layer of skin after the laser resurfacing. The women were also able to begin wearing makeup at 10 days after surgery.

“Conventional wisdom suggests that tightening is key to reversing the signs of aging. However,” Chen notes, “young faces don’t look tight. They don’t have sagging, so tightening is a component, but just tightening and tightening does not really achieve a more youthful appearance. In fact, too much tightening can make you look very unnatural, and I don’t think most people are looking for that as an end point,” Chen said.

With repeated tightening procedures, pretty soon the face will flatten out without restoring the lost fullness to some degree. After all, you want to look a bit younger, without overdoing it.

“Tightening works well for the neck and jawline, but in the midface, where aging individuals have already lost volume, tightening in the standard upward and outward direction of facelift surgery will further widen and flatten that area. The youthful midface is full, so volume restoration also is critical,” he said. “Smooth, even skin is a youthful characteristic as well so also removing the top layers of sun- and time-damaged skin is key to achieving a fresher look and improved skin texture. He notes that non-ablative lasers as well as other exfoliation methods, which tend to remove just the very top of the skin, have much reduced recovery time and results.”

Sounds appealing to me, with a few questions I would like answered such as how much bruising is to be expected, how long for the swelling to subside, and if you decide to go out in public at 10 days post surgery, will you look swollen and silly? And also, with the laser resurfacing, is there “weeping” or oozing of the treated skin, dressings to be changed and will there be pressure bandages applied? Also, is this procedure done outpatient, or inpatient, and what is the cost for surgery, and the whole package?

So, what do you think? Would this be something you might consider?

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