Activating Tonic or Toner?

What’s in Your Tonic?

After cleansing, it is common to use a toner or astringent to help remove the last traces of impurities and help close pores.

Unfortunately, many toner type products contain drying alcohol that can disrupt skin barrier function and increase drying of your skin.

Step 2 in the Celloxylin® regimen, Activating Tonic, is uniquely formulated to take advantage of the water absorbed by skin during cleansing and help prepare the skin to fully utilize the benefits of subsequent products in the regimen by opening your pores for better absorption of the Firming Complex.

What’s in Your Tonic?

Rather than closing pores, Activating Tonic contains powerful humectant ingredients to help skin retain moisture and fully absorb hydrating ingredients from Step 3,the Firming Complex.

One of the most powerful of these humectant, or moisture promoting, ingredients if Tremella Fuciformis, an ancient Chinese Mushroom, which is a potent moisturizing source. (Learn the story of the Chinese Princess who had the most beautiful skin in all the land owed to her using Tremella here.)

In addition, it is designed to help protect the skin’s delicate structure by restoring the naturally acidic barrier that is commonly disrupted during rinsing.

We recommend applying the Activating Tonic immediately after rinsing, while skin is still slightly damp. Apply with a clean towel, cotton ball, or directly with your fingers.

Following Activating Tonic application, begin applying your Firming Complex Serum, massaging it into your skin and then let them dry before moving on to your next step of your Eye and Lip Age Eraser Cream and Day Defense Moisturizer with 25 SPF or your Night Repair 3-Deep Cream.

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