Reduce Stress by Breathing Like This

When you have a period of stress, do you ever notice how shallow you are breathing? I know I am barely breathing while I’m rushing to get things done, or am nervous about something.

I’ve known how to breathe with my diaphragm since I was in Junior High Choir, but somehow, that all goes out the window when I’m just trying to get something accomplished in a hurry or have a boatload of “stuff” to get done. You, too?

So, know that as I am sharing this with you, I need this reminder even more!

Breathing to Relax

How to Breathe to Relax:

1.  Find a comfortable place to either sit, lie or just rest.

If you’re sitting in a chair, stretch your shoulders and back so you’re not slumped over, prop your feet up if you can, and place your hands on your lap, or clasp your hands behind your head.

You can also lie on your back or on your stomach, whichever is most comfortable.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Begin breathing in slowly through  your nose, and out slowly through your mouth. Not too fast, or too deep – you don’t want to hyperventilate or get dizzy.

4. As you are breathing in, focus on your tummy moving in and out, rather than your chest moving. When you tummy expands, you are using your diaphragm, and you can see that your chest is staying still.

Do this for a few minutes, careful not to get dizzy, and keeping your thoughts on either moving your tummy / diaphragm or something very peaceful and calm.

Feel your body relaxing and keep your thoughts on positive affirmations such as telling yourself everything is going to get done, you have it under control, there is no need to get nervous or anxious, everything will go smoothly.

I have to consciously be aware of my shallow breathing many times throughout the day, and do some diaphragm breathing all day long. It’s a wonder I am still alive from all the years of shallow breathing!!

About Candace

Candy Dye is a Nurse Practitioner and teacher that loves everything about health, wellness, looking beautiful, and being with people who enjoy life and love to have fun!

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