“Hats Encouraged”

I’ve been invited to a Ladies Tea with a philanthropic group I belong to, and the embossed invitation reads “Hats Encouraged.”

I’m hat and “hat outfit” shopping now. The ladies in this group wear dresses and dress suits to the meetings, but, alas, I no longer have ankles that should see the light of day. Thinking a dressy maxi with jacket, or dressy pantsuit. Do I shop hat first, then outfit or clothes first, then hat? I think I will look for a hat first!

Who does hats the best? The Kentucky Derby! Here are some I love for inspiration.

White is always elegant. Here Rebecca Romijn is in her white Kentucky Derby hat with a baby blue accent.

Rebecca Romijn in her white Kentucky Derby hat.

Polar opposite from white is, of course, black! Here is Amanda Lear, from Ruby, S.C. sports a black polka-dotted derby hat with a red flower.

(Mark Humphrey / Associated Press / May 5, 2012). Amanda Lear, from Ruby, S.C.

Here’s an interesting one. It’s not as divine as the ones above, but it carries it’s own elegance:

simple derby hat

This cream colored hat with a pink accent just screams southern affluence. What do you think?

pink accented derby hat

Here’s one of my favorites. I love the vibrancy in this turquoise derby hat.

turquois derby hat

But, then again, as a spring event, what’s there not to love about this amazing pink Kentucky Derby hat?!!!

pink derby hat


So, which is YOUR favorite? I look forward to your comments!

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Candy Dye is a Nurse Practitioner and teacher that loves everything about health, wellness, looking beautiful, and being with people who enjoy life and love to have fun!


  1. Jenny says

    Where can I get the turquoise hat?!

    • Candace says

      Hi, Jenny,
      I think I found this hat on the Kentucky Derby site, which was showing the many ladies with hats on Derby Day.
      Try http://www.berkeleyhat.com/kentucky-derby-hats.html for a wide selection of beautiful hats. Are you going to the Derby this year? If so, have a wonderful time! xo Candy

  2. Mele Fele says

    Do you know where the 3rd hat in your pic can be found? IT looks like a sinamay in black that is asymmetrical with a creme colored edge. Any help to locate would be greatly appreciate. Thank you!

    • Candace says

      It is a gorgeous hat! I found these photos on the Kentucky Derby official site, which won’t tell you where they can be purchased from. Berkley Hats is a good site to putchase elegant hats, if you would like to visit them. I also used the search terms Kentucky Derby Hats, and other sites came up as well. I hope you find it – it is such an elegant style!

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