How to Look Fabulous in Every Photograph

Seems like every event I attend has photographers snapping up posed guests everywhere you turn. Are you one of those who looks for yourself first thing in photos to see how you came out, then quickly found a flaw to point out?

Just how do the ones who always look so fabulous do it? What are their secrets?83rd Academy Awards, Arrivals

Here are some tips on how to photograph beautifully every time:

Let’s assume we all know the basics to do before you go:

  • Clean skin: have a facial, do some exfoliation like a good 20% acid peel a day or two before. Use a beauty gadget for a quick facelift the night before. A good concealer can take the shadows out of any large wrinkles and laugh lines, as well as lighten up those aging dark under eye circles. Use it on any blemishes or anything else you would like to hide or lighten up, then use a makeup sponge to smooth everything together for a flawless canvas.
  • Makeup that brings out your natural beauty, which is not too much or too little, but just the right color palette to bring out the color of your eyes, highlight your cheeks, and give you vibrant lips. Don’t forget your eyebrow pencil to frame your beautiful face.
  • Make sure your teeth are clean and whitened.
  • Hair: two weeks after a trim is best so that it has grown into the cut, and you can style it naturally. Do a quick scrunch of your bangs or flip of your tresses right before the camera clicks to get a lively look.
  • Clothing: solids are best, standing near others with complementary colors, works well to bring out your best.

Now for a little posing:

  • Stand at a more slimming three—quarter angle, extending one leg out in front, pivoting, and planting the corresponding hand on the hip. (So, left leg out, left hand on hip; right leg out, right hand on hip.) The result is a long, diagonal line” according to InStyle Magazine. If you are a little on the wide side, I think turning sideways a little more, holding in your tummy, with the same leg extension and hand on hip will do nicely.
  • Another nugget from InStyle, “Make sure the camera lens is at eye level or above.”  This gives a slimmer, less aged look to your facial features. Here’s a simple experiment you can do at home: take a small pocket mirror and hold it below your waist aimed at your face. What do you see? Lots of puffy, wrinkly skin. Take the same mirror and hold it above your head aiming down on your face, and you’ve just taken 15 years off your face.
  • Right before the camera clicks, look away and then back for a bright, natural look. You can also think of something funny, or blink a few times. Place your tongue just behind your teeth, and put your chin out a little.

Practice in front of a mirror so you feel comfortable with several poses, and know what it feels like when you are looking your best.

Best wishes for glamorous photos every time!

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Candy Dye is a Nurse Practitioner and teacher that loves everything about health, wellness, looking beautiful, and being with people who enjoy life and love to have fun!

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