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You have a pimple that is large, very red and angry. What can you do to put out the heat and reduce the redness? A simple pimple remedy is to ice it. Yes, ice it.

 Ice Cube To Reduce Pimples

We know that our skin produces natural oi, called sebum, and those with acne tend to have an abundance of sebum produced.

We also know that old, dead skin cells build up on the surface of the skin and accumulate in the opening of the pore, creating a plug, known as a blackhead or comedone.

If there is bacteria in the pore, the dead skin cells lock it in, more oil is produced, and pretty soon you have a bacterial infection brewing within the pore. Our body’s immune system goes to work producing white blood cells to fight the bacteria, which leads to a whitehead, or pustule, aka pimple or zit.

I’ve always heard to apply heat to an infection, so the long held standard is to use hot soaks or heat packs on your pimple. This is supposed to draw the infection together and kill the bacteria. If you can get it to break open, release some of the white cells or pus, all the better, as you can apply topical antibiotic ointment and help it heal quickly.

Recently, in a forum where estheticians who treat acne on a regular basis were chatting, they mentioned the use of ice in soothing the redness of a pimple, with good results. Amazing, I thought: what happens to the bacteria and infection, as cooling the area reduces circulation, there are less white blood cells coming to the area to attack the germs.

Well, I think if you have success with it, then use it with the following regimen:

  1. Cleanse you skin first.
  2. Place an ice cube in a thin, clean washcloth, making sure there is enough thickness of fabric that the ice cube will not touch the skin directly.
  3. Place the wrapped ice cube onto the pimple for one minute, the take off, repeat a few times up to ten minutes.
  4. Repeat in an hour, then judge  improvement.

If you have done this with success, please leave a comment to share your regimen and how it works for you, and if you have done it and not had success, also share.

I also like a good 20% lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid peel 2 – 3 times a week, to loosen and get rid of the old skin cells that plug up the pores. Acne can be complicated to get rid of as there are so many influencing factors – hormones, diet, heredity, and more. It’s always best to see a good dermatologist who treats acne successfully.

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