Are Your Facial Features Disappearing With Age?

Are your facial features disappearing with age? Facial feature definition is an observational tool we subconsciously use in deciding someone’s age, according to a recent study from the Chanel Epidermal and Sensory Research and Investigation Center which studies skin related issues and facial appearance. (See Science Daily for article discussion.)

In one study, (Psychology Prof. Richard) Russell and his team measured images of 289 faces ranging in age from 20 to 70 years old, and found that through the aging process, the color of the lips, eyes and eyebrows change, while the skin becomes darker. This results in less contrast between the features and the surrounding skin – leaving older faces to have less contrast than younger faces.”

Facial Feature Contrast

Basically, our darker features lighten, eyebrows are lightened by hair loss, the intensity of our lip color fades, and our skin tones darken.

Years of sun exposure, environmental exposure, diet, and internal body health and aging, all play a role in the mono-toning of our facial appearance. I guess we are just all fading away!

The difference in redness between the lips and the surrounding skin decreases, as does the luminance difference between the eyebrow and the forehead, as the face ages. Although not consciously aware of this sign of aging, the mind uses it as a cue for perceiving how old someone is.”

Thank goodness for makeup! With the right products, applied correctly, you can bring back the subtlety of youthful contrast. Good skin care products can nourish, protect and hydrate your skin.  Healthy diet promotes healthy skin from the inside, including adding a probiotic to keep our gastrointestinal tract balanced.

Which features can be enhanced for promoting a little contrast?

  • Eyebrows lose hair and diminish with age. Using an eyebrow pencil, blending in with a cotton tip applicator and eyebrow brush will allow the additional color to blend in naturally.
  • Eyes can be enhanced with concealer to lighten dark circles and deep wrinkles, then a touch of eyeliner better defines your eye, and can define your beautiful eyes.
  • Cheeks can always use a touch of color on the apples, blended in, and concealer to lighten the deep smile grooves next to your nose and mouth.
  • Mouth wrinkles can be removed with a home skin toning machine  and concealer.
  • Lips can be luscious once again with a good lip moisturizer and pretty color.
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