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Dr. David B. SamadiEvery Sunday I wake up early so I don’t miss Sunday House Call on Fox News, where two excellent physicians, Dr. David Samadi, and Dr. Marc Seigel,  share health and wellness tips, discuss medical topics and always provide advice for living a longer, healthier life.

Here is the Samadi Anti-aging formula (for a longer life – taken from his Facebook Page):

If inflammation is the reason why we age, then reducing inflammation should prolong our life. I will stand behind this formula and I promise you it will help you clear all the free radicals:

1. Tumeric
2. Boswelia
3 G’s……..great source of antioxidant and anti inflammatory

Green Tea

3 Berries

Omega 3 FA…. heart health

Rules of 7

7 hours of rest
7 glasses of water a day
7 bad habits to get rid of…..smoking, alcohol
7 types of exercise during 7 days a week

Follow this and I will promise you additional 7 years to your life.

Dr. Marc Seige

You can follow Dr. Samadi on his Facebook page, where these tips were taken from, and on Sunday House Calls,Fox News. He and Dr. Marc Seigel are excellent physicians with a holistic approach to medicine, health and wellness.


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