Best. Shoes. Ever.

I’ve started a new position that requires a bit of walking back and forth between and through buildings, upstairs, downstairs, and then standing, standing, followed by walking some more. Counting  10+ pairs of shoes I’ve purchased in the past 3 months, that look good with my business attire, easy on my wallet and in the largest size I could find in women’s shoes. Ahem. That would be an 11.

Here I am, a few months later, calluses forming, tender red bumps apparent on the widest points of each foot, and knots within my arches. I’m placing band-aids over the calluses, and longing for a pair of sneakers that look like elegant black heels. Unable to ignore my feet any longer, I went to a store known for their shoes and had my feet measured.

Point #1 for finding comfortable shoes – have your feet measured by a Shoe Fitting Specialist.

Now I am looking for Size 11.5 shoes. Ugh. I’m looking online at shoe sites, reading business articles that recommend comfortable business shoes, and chatting with colleagues who say they are wearing the most comfortable shoes. On one shoe site, I typed in the my shoe size, and a very limited styles of shoes come up. On one site, this is very close to the only shoe that appeared.

Stop your laughing right now.

Le sigh. I even started looking at men’s shoes. Seriously.

Then my hubs gathered me up, and took me to his favorite shoe spot. Nordstrom. I had looked at their shoes online, but there very few over size 11, and when I called their store in my area, was told there was one pair of sandals in my size in stock. Can’t wear sandals to work. Hubs assured me we would find something, and something we did.

Point #2 Don’t always believe what you see online (hahahaha!!), trust the instincts of someone who loves you.

We walked into their shoe department on a Sunday afternoon, and it looked like a tornado had just come through. Shoe boxes everywhere, people all over the place, not even a free seat available. The shoe consultants were busy, busy busy, running back and forth, carrying boxes of shoes to ladies of all shapes and sizes. I wanted to run away, and come back another day. But I was desperate so I stayed.

I zoomed over to the sales rack with an 11 – 13 sign overhead. Really? Who would wear a 13, I thought. Mrs. Sasquatch, of course.

Then I met him. MY SHOE FITTING SPECIALIST. Darren Harp, Certified Fitter, Nordstrom, South Coast Plaza. He is now the man of my foot comfort dreams. He was so patient while I tried on the sales shoes, selecting 3 pairs of various styles and colors. Again, I felt the ominous “they feel okay right now, let me see how they work out at home, then possibly at work” feeling. THEN he asked me if I had ever tried on a pair of AGL shoes, as they were Italian made, and many women loved them for their comfort. He did also tell me that one pair would cost right around what I was planning to pay for the 3 sale pairs all together. But, my  feet screamed “TRY THEM ON”, and so I did.

Point #3 Listen to your feet. Especially when they yell. And take the advice of your Shoe Specialist.


Attilio Giusti Leombruni I adore you! (Btw, I am full blooded Italian, my grandfather was a cobbler, so his name alone goes straight to my heart.)

Toe Cap Ballet Flat

There are close to 200 reviews of this shoe on the site, most all RAVE about their comfort and Classic style. From the moment my feet slid inside, they went “AHHHHhhhhhhhhh, I am home.” Now I can be about my business all day, walking back and forth, not even thinking about my feet at all.

Even more, I want to shout “Look how Fabulous My New Shoes Are!!”  They are so perfect for me, my position and for comfort.

They are Size 13.

Call me Mrs. Sasquatch. I don’t care. My feet are in heaven!

Point #4 Who cares what size you are! Just know that you will be very comfortable, and look very elegant, all day long in AGL shoes.

Thank you so much, Darren, from the bottom of my heart!! YOU are My Personal Shoe Stylist from now on. You are spectacular, a true high level professional shoe fitting specialist that knows how to please the most hurting of feet and make them look elegant while doing so. You saved my feet’s life this day. I am eternally grateful, and will refer everyone to you!

PS:  Do you have these in beige???

Thanks for stopping by!

About Candace

Candace Dye is an Apriori Beauty Consultant and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Her passion is helping others to uncover and enhance their true inner radiance with tips for health, wellness, skin care and beauty!


  1. Tamara says:

    Candy, What a great story. Your new shoes are adorable. I’m so happy you found the perfect pair. There is nothing worse than sore feet.

    Your hubby deserves a big high five and a hug


    • Thank you, Tamara!!
      I will give him one of each for you.
      What’s so great is that my feet do not even look like Size 13 in these shoes.
      Happy feet hugs to you!
      XO Candy

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